Line Of Duty Series 4 Trailer – Thandie Newton

Line Of Duty Series 4 Line Of Duty Series 4 is coming to BBC1, having moved across from BBC2 after last year’s fantastic third series, even if the last 30 minutes were rather a nonsense…

This time round, the trailer, below, makes it out that the fantastic Thandie Newton (2012) is the one being hunted down by AC-12 as a corrupt cop.

No specific details of the plot are yet known, but the series will also see Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston and Vicky McClure returning.

Line Of Duty Series 4 hasn’t yet got a schedule date, but it’s clearly coming a lot sooner than series 2 and 3, since they took up to two years to come back to the screen.

Also still available is Series 3 on DVD, as well as a Series 1-3 DVD boxset.

Check out the trailer below: