LJ Rich talks about Twitter and its popularity (BBC Breakfast, 10.12.14)

LJ RichLJ Rich, BBC Click reporter, talkeds about Twitter, hashtags, selfies, retweets, and so on, on BBC Breakfast this morning.

LJ also makes an important point during the second interview that if you’re constantly recording your ‘experience’ while you’re trying to experience it, then you’re just living your life through a screen. I had this feeling when I was filming a lot of classical music pieces in a concert in Prague, in July 2011, and while it was nice to record them for posterity, one saw the choir positioned all around the congregation, so after filming for a minute or so, I stopped since I realised that I was rather missing out. You can see this video here .

This interview contains both LJ’s appearances, at 6.50am and 8.40am. Check it out below: