Mafia Trilogy Remastered – FULL DETAILS REVEALED!

Mafia Trilogy Remastered Mafia Trilogy Remastered: UPDATE 19.5.20 – The full details have been revealed for the trilogy, and you can check these out in my vlog below:

Mafia Trilogy Remastered is coming soon to PC and home consoles, and, okay, so it might just be called ‘Mafia Trilogy’, but you get where I am with this. Capice?

After all, 2K Games will be making us an offer we can’t refuse by bringing us the entire trilogy of games which contain Mafia (2002), Mafia II (2010) and Mafia III (2016), all for your delight and delectation.

It did come up along the way – and I’ve seen at least one video about this – with the rumour that, oddly, Mafia II was coming first, and that would be happening next Tuesday, but no, that’s when we’ll be getting additional info about all of this.

Inbetween now and the release date, keep safe, and if you break social distancing rules, Don Salieri will put a horse’s head in your bed.

Mafia Trilogy Remastered is released in August and more information is coming on Tuesday May 19th.

Check out the trailer below:

Mafia Trilogy Remastered – Official Teaser – 2K Games