Mega Man 11 on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

Mega Man 11
Mega Man 11 brings us the first new game in the series since March 2010, when Mega Man 10 was released on the last generation of consoles.

The year is 20XX, Dr Wily is causing trouble, and only you can stop him. I won’t go deep into the plot because you know it’s a case of getting from A to B via a load of enemies who all need taking down.

While I didn’t care for the later Mega Man X games, as the graphical look felt rather odd after I really got into the originals in the recent Mega Man X Legacy Collection, here, it really works well in terms of having retro roots, whilst still updating its look for the modern age. I’ll include some gameplay footage and you’ll see how fab it looks.

Mega Man 11 – Level 1: Rock Man – Example gameplay – PS4 (1080p HD) – DVDfeverGames

I’ve only played the Mega Man X games, and not the original Mega Man series. I understand the original is a much harder set of games, so this new one is my opening foray into the Mega Man world and damn, it IS hard!

There are eight stages from which can you select: Block Man, Acid Man, Blast Man, Fuse Man, Bounce Man, Torch Man, Impact Man and Tundra Man, all with a mix of scrolling and single-screen sections – and while I always start off doing badly, practice *does* make perfect…ish. I did a little better, but not by much.

As with the previous games I’ve played, all the levels in this certainly do have that “just one more go” factor and, basically, if you enjoy the Mega Man games, you should get this! I just wish I wasn’t so terrible at it 🙂

Oh,and sometimes, it’s not the bigger baddies that will floor you, but the smaller ones as they fire a small shot and you weren’t paying attention as it floats towards you, and that’s the shot which takes out your final bit of energy…

Mega Man 11 – Level 2: Acid Man – Example gameplay – PS4 (1080p HD) – DVDfeverGames

Want something extra? As well as options for difficulty settings, there’s a lot of extra stuff here:

    Challenges: 10 stages which each have to be completed within 10 minutes each, 8 of which are unlocked at the start

    Leaderboard: You know how this sort of thing works.

    Gallery: Enemies and bosses to be unlocked of these as you play the game.

    Auto-upload on/off: Upload scores and replays.

In addition, Dr Light’s Lab will also allow you to trade pick-ups, such as the bolts you’ll come across, for extra items including lives, spike protectors, energy top-ups and the Beat Call, who’ll rescue you after you fall in a pit. These are often one-time purchases, though. For me, I was frequently starting a brand new game as I’d die relentlessly, so if you’re a bit crap like me, you’ll welcome many of these!

Score: 8/10

Mega Man 11 is released tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on all their respective online stores only.

Important info:

  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Players: single player
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: English

Mega Man 11 – Pre-Order Trailer – Playstation