Monkey McGee – ZX Spectrum Next promo video

Monkey McGee
Monkey McGee (full title: Monkey McGee in Where’s My Bananas?) is a forthcoming ZX Spectrum Next platformer with graphics by Simon Butler, who gave us fantastic design and visuals with games like Gift From The Gods, N.O.M.A.D, Miami Vice, Platoon and Target Renegade.

The code was written by John McManus, and there’s music and SFX from Paul Sidman Hesso, and it has that perfect 8-bit feeling that I always used to get with ZX Spectrum games back in the day, evoking the feels of titles like Manic Miner, and it’s neatly updated for visuals and audio for the ZX Spectrum Next generation.

Thanks to Erik in the Spectrum For Everyone Facebook group for confirming that, really, the title should be “Where Are My Bananas?” rather than “Where’s?”, as that indicates the singular. He has a very good point, and I’m normally the first to spot grammatical errors like that.

Monkey McGee in Where’s My Bananas? is a 3 Guys Production (since 3 guys are working on it… yep, you’re ahead of me) and it’s released later this year on the ZX Spectrum Next, and is one of a number of games released for the system this coming year including one that’s already out – Dungeonette.

Check out the trailer below: