New Blu-ray and DVD releases July 9th 2018

New Blu-ray and DVD releases July 9th 2018 are as follows:

    Alice, Sweet Alice (Blu-ray)
    Allure (DVD)
    Attack of the Adult Babies (Blu-ray and DVD)
    BASEketball (Blu-ray)
    Big Fish and Begonia (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Black Peter (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Dark Crimes (DVD)
    Dempsey and Makepeace: The Complete Series (DVD)
    Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards! (Blu-ray)
    Flip Flappers (Blu-ray Collector’s Edition)
    Gate: Complete Series (Blu-ray and DVD)
    In Darkness (DVD)
    Is It Legal?: The Complete Series (DVD)
    Killing Gunther (Blu-ray and DVD)
    King of Jazz – The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray)
    Lean On Pete (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Lisa and the Devil (Blu-ray)
    Mark Felt – The Man Who Brought Down the White House (DVD)
    Mission Impossible: The Original Television Series (DVD)
    Plunkett and Macleane (Blu-ray)
    Pokémon: The Movie Collection 14-16 РBlack & White (DVD)
    Red Sparrow (Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and DVD)
    Rick and Morty Season 1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Super Troopers (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    Sweet Country (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Tokyo Ghoul (Live Action) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Tales of the Unexpected: The Complete Series (DVD)
    Tangled: The Series – Queen for a Day (DVD)
    The Boondock Saints (Blu-ray)
    The Human Goddess (Blu-ray)
    The Three Faces of Eve (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)

Check out more forthcoming releases here.