Nintendo Switch Lite – Coming in September 2019!

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite is the name of the new, announced handheld, but with a 5.5″ screen, and no TV output (which is what I’ve been wanting for my PS Vita, and I can’t find a PS TV for love nor (a lot of) money, in order to do this), All I can say is….

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I might be interested when a Pro unit is announced, though.

Nintendo Switch Lite has, today, been announced as being released on September 20th 2019!

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Nintendo Switch Pro
Nintendo Switch Pro (+ Specs) – Coming in June 2019 apparently!

Nintendo Switch Pro – or whatever it’s going to be called – isn’t just a rumour, but it appears to be a fact, following two insider sources who have tipped off Rich from ReviewTechUSA, and it’s due out in June 2019.

In the USA, they would say it will ‘drop’ in June 2019, but then that would explain why so many of their existing Nintendo Switch console cases have cracked! (When did ‘drops’ become a thing? It’s super-annoying! Duh!)

It’s due to have 512Gb internal RAM storage, plus the power of what a base PS4 unit has now, but with the PS5 and Xbox Two snapping at its heels, while those consoles are running a game at a native 4K and 60fps, the Nintendo Switch Pro will be running it in 1080p at 30ps

It will also have a $399 retail price, so expect around £399 in the UK, although will people pay that for a handheld when Sony and Microsoft will no doubt reduce the price of their PS4 Pro and Xbox One X at the same time?

The only thing putting me off is the lack of Nintendo Switch Pro third party support. When L.A. Noire came out on the Switch, I thought things were changing and I was interested, but then…. not a whole lot has happened since that’s been of interest for me.

Check out the video from Rich from ReviewTechUSA, below: