Nintendo Switch – am I the only one not particularly bothered?

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch – am I the only one not particularly bothered about this new console?

I’m not one for multiplayer, and the press release, as detailed by Slashgear, doesn’t say anything about processing power (all I’m interested in), but instead focuses on how you can play the game in the house on minute, and then take your dog to the park and ignore him or her while you cantinue to play the game on a Wii U-type screen.

And while I have a JXD S7800b handheld unit for some great retro gaming on the go, for any big console gaming, I prefer to record the footage for posting up on Youtube later – and you can’t do that when you’re out of the house, unless you’ve got extremely long wires.

The Nintendo Switch is released in March 2017, and there’s no price yet known. Apparently, the US RRP is $299, which usually equates to £299 in the UK, but where is this console’s USP? (unique selling point). It doesn’t look too different from the Wii U, and even the sales of that took a while to get going after the Wii was still eclipising it, early on into its big brother’s life.

Check out the video below, and click on the above picture for the full-size version: