Onmyoji – Official Trailer – Netflix – Daisuke Namikawa

Onmyoji Onmyoji is a forthcoming Japanese Anime from Netflix, starring Daisuke Namikawa.

Synopsis: The immortal Heian-period supernatural mystery novels by Baku Yumemakura have been adapted into an anime series for the first time.

The extraordinary onmyoji Abe Seimei and his partner Minamoto Hiromasa solve cases involving humans and demons. Based on the setting of the original novels and including all-new tales, this series tells a never-before-seen story of Seimei.

Story: Yearning, obsession, burning desire…

When people’s uncontrollable emotions begin to overflow, that is when they become demons.

In prosperous ancient Kyoto, court musician Minamoto Hiromasa, grandson of Emperor Daigo, visits the residence of the official onmyoji – the yin-yang diviners – in hopes of unravelling the mysteries of the demons that disturb the city. While there, he is introduced to a man perfectly suited for untangling these enigmas: the great onmyoji Abe Seimei, a man cloaked in an otherworldly aura. Hiromasa is vexed by Seimei’s lack of interest in the mundane world and his reluctance to help, but the two of them confront the demons at the cause of the incidents. They eventually find the onmyoji Ashiya Doman, who lurks in the shadows of the demons. Seimei and Hiromasa are joined by Hiromasa’s flute teacher Imperial Prince Atsumi, the emperor’s onmyoji Kamo Yasunori, and Lady Tsuyuko, who comes to accompany them as a result of a particular case. As their emotions intertwine like threads, will Seimei and Hiromasa be able to restore peace to the capital?

The ordeal of these mismatched friends destined to share the same fate begins now.

Onmyoji is on Netflix from November 28th, and we might check this out.

Check out the trailer below:

Onmyoji – Official Trailer – Netflix