Oprah With Meghan And Harry – The DVDfever Review – Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle

Oprah With Meghan And Harry Oprah with Meghan And Harry… or May-gun, as old hack Oprah Winfrey calls her whilst clearly having bigger issues to deal with, given her shock of Lockdown hair.

This interview was filmed around three weeks ago, so before Prince Philip went into hospital for various ailments, but you’d think if Harry and Meghan had any sensitivities about them, they would’ve scrapped this tawdry interview. And for a couple who left the Royal Family to get some privacy, why are they airing their dirty laundry on international TV?

I’m not a fan of the Royal Family, and I don’t think any individual should be held in higher regard than any other, simply because they were born into a family who come from a long line of ancestors who raped and pillaged the land to take over the castle in which they live, then change their name in 1917 from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor, and claim to be British.

First up in the hot-seat is bit-part actress Meghan, who lies that she didn’t know what she thought the day-to-day life of a Royal would be. You could tell on the day of her marriage to Harry, that the beaming smile on her face was just singing # “We’re in the money” #, and that’s come to fruition given their deals with Netflix and Disney.

Oprah doesn’t do any form of hard questioning and just laps up all the shite spouted by the smiling viper, telling her how she didn’t make Kate Middleton cry, but that it was actually the other way round. Same when Meghan claimed she had suicidal thoughts in the midst of this. Now, I hate to say it – because he’s an oaf at the best of times – but I agree with Piers Morgan in calling her out for this. The Meghan Show is just that. All for show. Don’t believe a word of it, and the same goes for her using the words ‘mental health’, used like the buzzword of the day. She’s got the best PR team in the business and she’s just thinking about the money.

Halfway through this junk, Harry – son of James Hewitt – turns up, but just moaned about the family cutting him off financially, so he has to stand on his own two feet… like this rest of us then, hun…

They even whined about having their security removed, yet they’re rich enough to afford their own!

Naturally, this interview has brought out the social media morons to bang on about how every bit of hate surrounding Meghan is ‘racist’. Why bring race into it? Just because she identifies as mixed-race? That’s a stretch. Meg even claims she was asked by an undisclosed Royal member about the colour of Archie’s skin. I know her mother is African American, but Meghan is the whitest ‘black’ person I’ve ever seen. In fact, Meghan talks about being a “woman of colour“. Well, white is a colour…

In fact, after the Archie skin colour question, Oprah started shouting “What?”, like Brett from Pulp Fiction, showing she’s an even worse actress than Meghan, if that’s possible. And what happened to social distancing? In a clip recorded the day after the interview, Oprah’s getting right up close to the not-so-Royal couple.

And did you know Oprah’s real name is Orpah? Now, you do.

Now, how about a proper interview with Prince Andrew and his hanging out with paedo Jeffrey Epstein, but without the obfuscation and lies about Pizza Hut?

Oprah With Meghan And Harry isn’t available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, if it ever will, but is on ITV Hub.

Oprah With Meghan And Harry – Official Trailer – CBS