Oscars 2021 – Cancelled? 5 Good Reasons To Do So

Oscars 2021 Oscars 2021 – Well, they’re not cancelled yet, and just delayed by 2 months until April 25th of that year, even though that will make the 2022 Oscars period 10 months. And that’s assuming nothing gets delayed further. After all, Tokyo have already said that if the 2020 Olympics don’t go ahead in the summer of 2021, they’ll just be abandoned.

However, Oscars 2021 may as well be cancelled because we know what’ll happen:

  • So many films have just been delayed an entire year – hence anything they celebrate in 2021 won’t be much; and as I adapted to home working, and the situation continued to bite, I quickly worked on the basis that we’ll be in this situation for at least a year, so you may as well just get on with it.

  • The Hollywood elite can take a year off from having their egos stroked.

  • The Oscars 2020 ratings were their lowest ever, with the US live TV audience achieving just 23.6m viewers according to the Nielsen figures.

  • Entertainment value will be zilch, as it’ll turn into a political speech-fest.

  • You’ll lose count of the number of times someone pushes an Oscar statue over, thinking they’re still being hilarious about 2020 events.

In the meantime, here another 9 reasons to cancel them based on last year’s production (during which Parasite won even though there were better films), because Cosmo’s video below shows was a complete waste of time it all is, especially the immensely unfunny James Corden and Rebel Wilson. Oh, and when they criticise a mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name, they spelled Josh Gad as ‘Josh Gadd’. D’oh!

Oscars 2020 Most Awkward Moments – Cosmopolitan UK