Out Of Her Mind – The DVDfever Review – Sara Pascoe

Out Of Her Mind Out Of Her Mind is another of those sitcoms ‘loosely based’ on the writer/creator’s own life, this time being comedian Sara Pascoe – unsurprisingly, as ‘Sara’ – talking directly to the camera, the main basis for the first episode being how she doesn’t understand why her sister, Lucy (Fiona Button, above-right), is getting married when she can’t get a man, even some years after her fiancee dumped her.

In fact, she moans everyone else is in a relationship but her, and asks if anyone who is, is actually happy? This also includes her friend, Scoopy (Cariad Lloyd), who’s pregnant but is sick of Steve, with whom she lives.

Throw in Juliet Stevenson as her mum, Carol, and Cash Holland as coffee shop worker Luna, who just wants serve Sara and for her to leave, even though the eponymous lead just wants to talk to her about her life because she has no friends with which to bore them.

Alas, what follows is a sitcom which feels too bitty with random scenes, rather than stringing together a coherent narrative; also being too self-referrential, such as telling everyone else in the story – several times – how she’s successful because “I have a TV programme!”

Out Of Her Mind feels like Ms Pascoe wrote a list of all her random thoughts, and assumed the rest of us had to suffer experiencing them as well, sometimes as she pointlessly skates in an empty rollerskating rink.

Out Of Her Mind begins on Tuesday October 20th on BBC2 at 10pm. The series isn’t yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

After episode 1 is broadcast, you can also watch the entire series on the BBC iPlayer.

Out Of Her Mind – Official Trailer – BBC

Episode 1 Score: 0/10

Director: Ben Blaine, Chris Blaine
Producer: Catherine Gosling Fuller
Writer/Creator: Sara Pascoe
Music: Graham Reynolds

Sara: Sara Pascoe
Lucy: Fiona Button
Carol: Juliet Stevenson
Stefan: Tom Stuart
Scoopy: Cariad Lloyd
Luna: Cash Holland
Marie: Amelia Streeks
Craig: Cian Barry
Lewis: Adrian Edmondson
Simon: Sean Gilder
Jim: Jumayn Hunter
Steve: Navin Chowdhry
Casper: Jack Gleeson
Minnie: Minhee Yeo
Vanessa: Lorraine Ashbourne
Mrs. Answers: Sheila Reid