Someone Has To Die – The DVDfever Review – Netflix – Spanish drama

Someone Has to Die Someone Has to Die has had a lot of expectation put upon it, but when it comes to the first episode, there’s nothing else to impart than what’s in the back description, whereas Gabino comes back from Mexico to Spain, because his family want him to marry Cayetana. However, on his return, he brought back a male ballet dancer called Lázaro. But why?

Well, that’s the question that they’re all considering for the entireity of the first episode – even though it’s clear from the trailer that the two men have fallen for each other, so Gabino won’t be marrying a woman any time soon. For anyone who still hasn’t twigged during the episode, it all becomes clear during the last couple of minutes, so you can literally save yourself around 45 minutes of tedium with episode 1.

Sadly, there’s plenty more tedium to be had.

For the majority of this three-part series, it’s like a bad soap opera, yet from the upbeat trailer, I was expecting it to turn into Ready Or Not, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What we end up with is a distasteful gay-bashing drama, as the second and third episodes play out.

And when we get to the finale, it’s assumed that being gay is an affliction that can be cured. So, we’re dealing with very old attitudes, and not something that it’s worth making a drama about when you can’t treat it in a sensitive way, insinuating that the only way to deal with being gay is to be put to death.

Even if you were to make a drama worth watching, the content of this one could easily be done and dusted in a single episode, never mind a three-part drama.

And, if you want to know who dies, you can skip to the last ten minutes of episode 3. You might not wholly understand why, but you probably won’t care.

Someone Has To Die is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Netflix now.

Someone Has To Die – Official Trailer – Netflix

Overall Score: 0/10

Director: Manolo Caro
Producer: Carlos Taibo
Creator: Manolo Caro
Writers: Fernando Pérez, Monika Revilla
Music: Lucas Vidal

Mina: Cecilia Suárez
Gregorio: Ernesto Alterio
Gabino: Alejandro Speitzer
Lázaro: Isaac Hernández
Cayetana: Ester Expósito
Alonso: Carlos Cuevas
Rosario: Mariola Fuentes
Belén: Pilar Castro
Santos: Juan Carlos Vellido
Carlos: Eduardo Casanova
Don Federico: Manuel Morón
Enrique: Javier Pereira
Amparo: Carmen Maura