Out Of Line on PC / Steam – The DVDfever Review / Gameplay – Beautiful puzzle/platformer

Out Of Line Out Of Line is a new puzzle/platformer, which looks absolutely gorgeous, sometimes feeling like you’re playing a game within a painting.

The puzzles are all hand-drawn in an original 2D style, which has a look of 2.5D, but is definitely 2D, and you’ll play as San, who’s trying to escape the Factory that used to be your home.

The puzzles are fairly intuitive – so you won’t be scratching your head for too long, but once in a while, they can be as confusing as that one of trying to pour 4 litres of water into a jug, when you only have jugs with 3-litre and 5-litre sizes. However, Out Of Line is always enjoyable and absolutely beautiful.

The gameplay will take almost 3 hours to complete, and the billing states the story within this mysterious world is revealed through multiple chapters, although if I had any complaint, it’s that the game doesn’t identify when one chapter ends and the next begins, so it feels like one big level. I prefer individual chapters, so it’s easier to split the game up for gameplay video purposes.

For the gameplay below, the first video is a Let’s Play I made for the Preview version, but this was just for part of the game, so I’ve labelled that Part 1, and it continues with the rest of the full game from Parts 2-5.

I can’t wait for a sequel in the same vein, and if you’re looking for similar games, also check out Iris.Fall and Gris.

Score: 9/10

Out Of Line is out now on PC/Steam.

Out Of Line – Gameplay Walkthrough – PC (1080p, 60fps) – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Capricia Productions
  • Publisher: All in! Games
  • Players: single-player