Point Blank 2019 – Trailer 1 – Anthony Mackie

Point Blank 2019
Point Blank 2019 is not a remake of the Lee Marvin 1967 film, for a French movie of the same name from 2010, in which the hunted (and innocent) main character comes from an ordinary life and has no combat training.

Here, Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Endgame), to save his pregnant wife, plays an emergency room nurse who teams up with an injured murder suspect in a race against time, rival criminals and renegade cops.

Killerman – Trailer 1 – Liam Hemsworth

Killerman stars Liam Hemsworth (Independence Day: Resurgence) (above) as a man who does a lot of killing, but that doesn’t make this look any more interesting.

He plays New York City money launderer Moe Diamond, who’s desperately searching for answers after waking up with no memory, millions in stolen cash and drugs, and an insane crew of dirty cops violently hunting him down.

Official Secrets – Trailer 1 – Keira Knightley

Official Secrets
Official Secrets shows Keira Knightley works for the government but she may or may not have leaked an email, and so she may or may not be in big trub, and if she is, then she’s breached the Official Secrets Act and she’ll definitely be in big trub. Will she be guilty? I expect we’ll have to wait two hours to find out.

Frozen 2: Freeze Harder – Trailer 1 – Kristen Bell

Frozen 2
Frozen 2: Freeze Harder – Yes, it’s coming and there’s no escape. I gave the original a wide berth, meaning I’ve never had ‘Let It Go’ as an earworm, but like the first one, it’ll take an immense amount of money.

Check out the trailer below:

After The Wedding – Trailer 1 – Michelle Williams

After The Wedding
After the Wedding is yet another of those ‘nice woman turns out to be a mad stalker’-type of movies, and one where the trailer shows a load of plaudits from Variety, et al, but they must’ve been watching a different film, since this looks incredibly ‘by the numbers’ in terms of how it all plays out.

Ad Astra – Trailer 1 – Brad Pitt

Ad Astra
Ad Astra stars Brad Pitt as astronaut Roy McBride, who travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos…

My Friend Pedro on PC – The DVDfever Review

My Friend Pedro
My Friend Pedro is a fantastic bloody, roaring rampage of a 2.5D platformer.

When I first saw the trailer for this during Devolver Digital’s E3 2018 press conference, it looked more like an artist’s impression than a real game, with their fluid mechanics of your character running along, wall-jumping, dodging bullets, and even shooting in opposite directions, as well sometimes in all 360-degree directions, whilst also going slo-mo when you need it. But it’s real!

Catch-22 Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 drama

Catch-22 is a famous novel, and as it’s a book, I’ve not read it, but now it’s been made into a “limited series”, which means it’s a one-off series that won’t spawn a second…

…Well, author Joseph Heller wrote a sequel in 1994, Closing Time, so if this is successful, I expect we’ll also see that.

Evercade – The new future for retro handheld gaming?

Evercade is a forthcoming handheld console which looks very cool, indeed, and is set to play a stack of retro games as well as forthcoming new ‘retro-inspired’ titles.

For those announced so far, instead of paying per game, you’ll buy cartridges which each contain a stack of games, including two Atari 2600 collections, and those from Data East and Interplay, and I can see straight away that one of my all-time favourite Atari games is in there – Adventure! I love that they also include Atari 7800 games, as I never had that console, nor the 5200.

The Captor (Stockholm) leads the new cinema releases June 21st 2019

The Captor
This week, there are FIVE new films out for you to choose from, led by The Captor (Stockholm). Here are the titles, with more info below:

    The Captor (Stockholm)
    The Flood
    Child’s Play 2019
    Toy Story 4

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