Frozen 2: Freeze Harder – Teaser 1 – Kristen Bell

Frozen 2
Frozen 2: Freeze Harder – where Anna returns to take on the terrorists at Dulles Airport in Washington D.C…..

No, it isn’t really entitled Frozen 2: Freeze Harder in full, but it does see the return of Kristen Bell as Anna, who sang the annoying Let It Go, although since I never watched the original movie, I managed to escape that tuneless tune for quite some time. I tried watching it some time later, but after 10 minutes, I gave up.

Tolkien – Trailer 1 – Nicholas Hoult

Tolkien… JRR Tolkien…

This film explores the formative years of the orphaned author as he finds friendship, love and artistic inspiration among a group of fellow outcasts at school, and stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: Apocalypse).

The Hustle – Trailer 1 – Anne Hathaway

The Hustle
The Hustle brings us the genre of comedy you never asked for – the return of the mismatched pair.

Both clichés are here: the sexy confident one, and the fat idiot. Between Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, which one do you think each of them is?

Yesterday – Trailer 1 – Danny Boyle

Yesterday is the latest film from director Danny Boyle (Sunshine, Slumdog Millionaire), alongside screenwriter Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill).

It centres around a couple played by Lily James (Baby Driver) and Himesh Patel, and after the latter has an accident, he finds himself in an alternate world where The Beatles never existed and so all their songs are for the taking. Something’s bound to go round in the end, but this does rather feel like a one-joke movie and we’ve seen it in the trailer.

Dweebs Drop on ZX Spectrum Next – The DVDfever Review

Dweebs Drop
Dweebs Drop is a new ZX Spectrum title which is inspired by the likes of Tetris and Candy Crush, and is the fourth physical release ever.

It’s a great puzzle game, but deceptively devious, since while it looked like I could spend all day playing a single game and would certainly hit 100,000 points, some bad luck at the randomness of the gems/dweebs which come next down the pipeline, and the columns will quickly fill up before you know it, and ‘game over’ is looming on the horizon.

Aladdin 2019 – Special Look – Will Smith

Aladdin 2019
Aladdin 2019 is another movie that I’m not fussed about watching. You know how I feel about kids CGI films, so it won’t surprise you, and this looks so much a film that’s ‘made by committee’ so like the 1992 cartoon version was done to showcase Robin Williams’ talents (and I tired of that after about 30-40 minutes), this looks to be Will Smith playing Will Smith who just happens to be a blue genie. He’s still just Will Smith.

…and this is actually a live-action remke of that 1992 version.

…and it’s directed by Guy Ritchie. Oh dear.

Why ‘Casino Royale’ is the Best Bond Film of All Time

Why 'Casino Royale' is the Best Bond Film of All Time
Old-school Bond fans across the galaxy were doubtless enraged when one of the largest ever polls conducted on audiences’ favourite 007 movies revealed that the 2006 film Casino Royale came out on top. The full poll can be found here, but there has been no shortage of commentary from film pundits and fans explaining why the majority of people who came to this conclusion are incorrect.

Pet Sematary 2019 – Trailer 2 – Jason Clarke

Pet Sematary 2019
Pet Sematary 2019 now has a second trailer online, and the film is out in the UK on April 5th.

Check out the trailer below:

The Sun Is Also a Star – Trailer 1

The Sun Is Also a Star
The Sun Is Also A Star centres around a teenager who finds love at a difficult time in her family’s life.

Between her and her new beau, will they get together in the end? Who cares. This is sickly-sweet tosh. The end.

A Vigilante – Trailer 1 – Olivia Wilde

A Vigilante
A Vigilante gives us Olivia Wilde in the titular role, who helps victims escape their domestic abusers.

The trailer for this is a little bit repetitive, but overall, it does look like it could be pretty good.


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