Playing it Cool – Official Trailer #1 – Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie Movie HD

Playing-It-CoolPlaying it Cool stars Captain America’s Chris Evans as a screenwriter working on a script for a romantic movie, and he’s having a hard time because he is a little jaded when it comes to love because his mother abandoned him when he was a boy.

So he spends his time ruining every relationship he has. But he really needs to make the script so he turns to his friends for their experiences. Bu it’s not enough. He then meets a girl who captures his heart problem is that she’s already engaged. But she allows him to her friend…

The film also stars Michelle Monaghan as the girl he’s after, plus Aubrey Plaza, Ioan Gruffudd, Ashley Tisdale, Patrick Warburton, Topher Grace, Anthony Mackie, Luke Wilson, Matthew Morrison and Philip Baker Hall.

Playing it Cool doesn’t yet have a UK release date, nor even a US one other than “2015”. It’s meant to be a comedy but it didn’t make me laugh. Maybe that’s why it’s having a hard time getting a release date?

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image (which is under the film’s original title – A Many Splintered Thing):