Pointless – the missing £20250 jackpot episode!

pointlessPointless is a great quiz show which I’ve been occasionally hooked on since first watching it at the gym. I don’t watch it every day, and sometimes I just check out the final round if I’ve got in after it’s finished.

However, these past few weeks, as BBC1 have been repeating episodes from 2012, the jackpot has been building up, and yesterday it had reached £19,750. I tuned in today to see if it would be won today, but they started again from £1000! WTF?!

I checked iPlayer and found that they’d missed an episode, so clearly we missed the one where the jackpot was won, but by who, and how much did they go away with?

Today, one of the winners, user sddsddean on The Answer Bank, confirmed the following:

    “When the show first went out 2 years ago, apparently they had several viewer complaints. In the head to head question about photography, Clare and Nat answered the question ‘what is the name of an individual light sensitive cell in a digital camera’ with the answer ‘sensor’. This was deemed wrong and they scored 100.

    Several people phoned in and said they were right and as the BBC now have the policy that every quiz show must be whiter than white, they decided not to show it again. I pointed out that we had already got the best answer on the board, so it didn’t matter what they picked, they would lose. Apparently this doesn’t matter!

    I also said that Alexander has been going on about they biggest jackpot for a week and on Wednesday it will go back to £1000. Surely people will complain more about ‘who won the jackpot?'”

Also check out the musical video from the Pointless – Nul Points Eurovision Special!

You can read more of her answer, as well as the conversation about it here, and the clip is below: