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The Fluffer on DVDDistributed by
MetrodomePosted: June 14th, 2002.


The Fluffer is a movie about obsession, submission, money, and sexuality.

The story centres around the adult entertainment industry and three industrystaffers: Johnny Rebel, a porn star with a paradox. Although he is a hot-bloodedheterosexual male, Johnny makes his living as a gay porno star. The reason:money.

Sean McGinnis is young, na├»ve, adventurous, and pure. Moving to L.A. to pursuea career in movies, he becomes diverted to working for Hollywood’s illegitimatestepchild the porno industry. The reason: Johnny Rebel.

Julie Disponzio, also known as Babylon, is the fieriest of the dancers at thestrip club, Leggs. She and Johnny have been in a relationship for three yearsShe’s hard as nails, willful and charismatic, and can play power games atJohnny’s level, but ultimately she’s at a disadvantage. The reason: She loveshim.

When Sean rents Citizen Cane from his local video shop, he is accidentallygiven a copy of a Johnny Rebel video Citizen Cum. Sean becomes obsessed withthe beefy star and gets a job as a cameraman with Johnny’s production company,hoping to be near his porn idol. It doesn’t take long before Sean strikes acurious connection and steps beyond the bounds of his job to become Rebel’sfluffer.

Although The Fluffer is full of humorous observations about the porn industry,it is ultimately a dark tale of obsession.

While Sean fixates on the icon Johnny Rebel, Babylon deals with his day-to-dayreality. Johnny just focuses on himself. The sex industry provides the settingfor the triangle, Babylon navigating her prurient clients while Sean negotiatesthe inhabitants of the porno underworld.

Both submit to, yet struggle with, the role of fluffer and struggle to keepthe man they love from falling into a world of drugs and despair. Both clingferociously to their self-respect as they go down on their knees. Both have toreckon with their deepest desires while engaging in a precarious balancing act.

Then, Johnny Rebel starts to implode…

Released through Metrodome DVD and VHS on June 10,The Fluffer is an 18certificate and has a running time of 94 minutes.

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