Review of Immortal Romance Slot

Review of Immortal Romance Slot Review of Immortal Romance Slot: After the international success of The Twilight Saga, for a good few years, it seemed that everything had a vampire theme. The undead have never been so popular; this vampire-themed slot has proved this point with its success with all types of players. Microgaming has worked their magic and developed this Immortal Slot. We’d all love to have a romance that lasts forever, in this game players get to see what this would be like. Step into the fantastical world of sophisticated vampires.

Immortal Romance General Info

For all you hopeless romantics out there, this is the slot for you. The mystical elements the vampires bring to the world created an eerie atmosphere that draws players in and doesn’t let go. There’s just something about vampires that people can’t get enough of. The thought of a blood-sucker and the thought of romance should be far between; however, the opposite is true. This gothic atmosphere only enhances the forbidden love story within the slot.

Microgaming Slot Developer

Microgaming has been on the scene since the creation (theirs) of the online casino. They have certainly learned a trick or two as they have an extensive portfolio of games that boast their expertise. It has come to be expected that a Microgaming slot equals a successful slot, this is proven yet again with their creation of the Immortal Romance slot. They have more than earned the right to be called leaders within the industry. Their interesting mix of themes makes for an intriguing slot when it comes to this mix of gothic, fantasy, romance, and vampires. Riches and hot vampires await in Immortal Romance.

Gameplay on this UK Slot

This 5-reel slot with 243 ways to win is filled with features that make it a thrill to play. Immortal Romance is filled with bonuses and special features that make this slot stand out for reasons other than its cool theme. The immense popularity of vampires due to supernatural movies and TV shows like The Vampire Diaries mean that the theme speaks for itself among players and has made this game a hit. Attractive characters and stellar graphics await your attention as you try to match the slot’s characters and win impressive cash prizes.

Immortal Romance Special Features

This slot has the standard wild and scatter bonus features. The scatters double the player’s winnings if they form part of a winning combination. The wilds also have a trick up their sleeve, there is a wilds desire feature that is triggered randomly and turns a few symbols on the reels into wilds.

Another feature is the chamber of spins features; this feature can unlock higher scores with the introduction of higher valued symbols. A bonus round is activated that is a free spins zone that awards a random number of free spins to the player. These bonus features become a part of the story and Microgaming does an excellent job introducing the characters through these bonus rounds.

Verdict of Immortal Romance Slot

The masterminds at Microgaming have managed to do it yet again with Immortal Romance. They have been known to have interesting takes on themes in the past and one of the words used to describe this slot other than fun, enticing, and immersive, is strange – in a good way! Uniqueness is always a sought-after trait within the slots industry as there are thousands upon thousands of slot games out there. The online slot does a good job of standing out. Take Immortal Romance for a spin; it’ll definitely be juicier than any soap opera on TV. Their love may be forbidden, but remember that love is blind… and maybe iron deficient?