Rolling In It – The DVDfever Review – Stephen Mulhern – ITV Gameshow

Rolling In It Rolling In It is another prime-time gameshow where celebs of the day are used to take part in primary roles, except that on this occasion, real people are also involved. There’s one of each across three teams, the celebs being Coronation Street actors Antony Cotton, Jenny McAlpine and Sair Khan.

Just like Tipping Point is based on a seaside amusement arcade machine, the same applies here.

The host is Stephen Mulhern – who really should’ve taken over from Ant McPartlin on anything where he features, due to his drink-driving conviction – starts the ball rolling… well, coin, with a random amount of money going into each team’s prize pot. Each team will take it in turns to roll a coin for either an amount of money, or to possibly go bankrupt.

If they score some cash, they’ll only receive it if they can answer a very simple question, such as which Snow White dwarf wears glasses: Sleepy, Doc or Dopey? Another asks which TV sitcom features Mrs Slocombe’s pussy… so you can see the level it’s aiming for, here.

Get the question right and they’ll also get another go to win more money. However, although you can keep going, you’ll run the risk of hitting the ‘bankrupt’ more often. Other options will also show up on the money board including ‘half’, ‘roll again’ and ‘steal’ (i.e. from someone else’s prize pot)

And so it goes on for the entire hour, although the questions do get a bit harder – unless you’re into pop culture and know the answers, and the board money options change in favour of more hazards, but for those cash rewards that remain, they go up, leading to high stakes in both directions.

As for who wins and who loses, you’ll find that out in the first episode on Saturday August 8th at 6.25pm on ITV.

Overall Score: Everything you expect

Rolling In It begins this Saturday, August 8th, at 6.25pm. It’s unlikely to ever be released on Blu-ray or DVD.

After broadcast, each episode will be on the ITV Hub.

Rolling In It – Trailer
(not the official channel, but then ITV haven’t uploaded one)