Ronnie Pickering road rage video

ronnie-pickering Ronnie Pickering is the name on everyone’s lips. Well, after they’ve watched this video, but that’s because they want to prove what a bonehead he is by imitating his moronic behaviour and taking the mickey out of him.

I don’t normally post videos which are a world away from movies, videogames and TV, but I have a dashcam which I use on a daily basis and it’s amazing just how stupid some other road users can be. However, the biker filming this manages to top all road rage videos out there with this pillock.

So, who’s Ronnie Pickering? Really, who is Ronnie Pickering?? As Ronnie Pickering, himself, says, “It’s me!”, as if he’s famous in any way whatsoever.

Ronnie Pickering is not the brightest of individuals in the world, calling people “muppets” and demanding a bare knuckle fight, and in this video, he confronts the biker by saying, “You’ll put me on Youtube with that little thing?” Yes, Ronnie, he will.

Edit: As of Wednesday afternoon, the original video has been removed by the uploader (BOOOOO!), so I’ve replaced it with the comedy version from SiR Lloyd.

Check out the video below – it cracked me up completely, but BEWARE! It has lots of VERY fruity language.