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Sabotage brings Arnold Schwarzenegger back to the screen as Breacher, the leader of a DEA task force who deal with the bad guys by ‘breaching’ their abodes to take them down. They’re not strictly on the level, though, as they’re as bent as a nine-bob note and they syphon off the cream of a drug dealer’s money stash for themselves, but then find they’ve been double crossed, so not only are they out of pocket but they’re also accused of theft. Who in the DEA sold them out? That’s what the team is thinking.

Stuck in a desk job while an investigation is carried out, it would be a very boring film if all you did was spend two hours watching Arnie number-crunch at a computer when you’d rather see him bone-crunch instead. Hence, it’s not long before he’s back out with his team, clearly for the purposes of moving the plot along rather than any sense of realism.

However, once the band has been got back together – who also have similar verb-like names, such as Pyro, Grinder and Smoke – and they’re out at work again, someone starts bumping them off, one by one, but who is the question. Oddly, one of them is killed by having their Winnebago towed onto a railway track during the night while they sleep. However, surely any train would even at least try to slow down rather than pile into them and keep going? Then again, whenever did Arnie films have any sense of believability about them?

The FBI also join in the hunt, alby led by Brit Olivia Williams as Caroline, with Harold Perrineau turning up all too briefly as her partner, Jackson.


Sabotage has some great action and a number of one-liners and it’s certainly an engaging way of spending two hours, and when the bullets start flying, there was so much blood splatter and head-shots that this must’ve been a borderline 15/18-rating. There’s also a silly car chase where, giving no spoilers, someone’s in the boot shooting out as it spins fast round corners. They’re not strapped in, so how the hell don’t they fly out? Oh, see the believability thing above…

Amusingly, there are some pictures up in Breacher’s house showing him with former presidents Reagan, Clinton, plus current incumbent Obama. Obviously, these were Arnie’s own pictures, but when Caroline asks him, “Are you kind of a big deal?”, he replies, “I’ve been around.”

And did anyone get the “You enjoy your cups” quip? I assumed it was something rude but couldn’t figure it out.

Oh, and note to the cast and crew behind The Expendables 3 – when people get hit by bullets, they bleed a lot. Remember that next time you make a movie, and don’t cut it down for a 12A, since even a 15-cert can deliver these goods. See examples: Sabotage and, hey, The Expendables 2!

Arnie is also coming back to the screen next summer as his biggest role in Terminator: Genisys.

Unfortuntely, he also seems to have pencilled in Triplets. Yes, a sequel to Twins. Oh dear.

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