Saltburn – The DVDfever Cinema Review – Barry Keoghan

Saltburn Saltburn is a film I was looking forward to as soon as I saw the trailer, mostly because Barry Keoghan has become one of the most interesting new actors in recent times, although sadly, his appearance in Top Boy Season 3 was only a disappointment because he came across as a main character, but then they rushed the whole season and shrunk it down to six episodes, and basically wasted his character.

However, after his start (in my eyes) with Dunkirk, he excelled himself in The Banshees of Inisherin and The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

Saltburn is also amongst the list of films which disappeared when they were due for release, as listed in my video below.

So, can be redeem himself here, as Oliver Quick, a new student at Oxford, who’s come from Liverpool, and is estranged from his mum, after his father recently passed away? Well, a few Jagerbombs will help as he gets to know people, in this drama set in 2006, so just before the time when smartphones were taking effect.

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After a heady year in his new digs, and since becoming very good friends with posh lad Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), he’s invited to Felix’s family’s castle, Saltburn, for the summer; and meets the family: father Sir James Catton (Richard E GrantCan You Ever Forgive Me?), mother Elspeth (Rosamund PikeI Care A Lot), sister Venetia (Alison OliverBest Interests), Felix’s friend, Farleigh (Archie MadekweGran Turismo) and their family friend, Pamela (Carey MulliganShe Said) – listed in the credits as Poor Dear Pamela, who the family want out of their place for reasons unspecified, which feels like rather a waste of her character, since she leaves quite early on.

So, after really looking forward to this, it became more of an interesting film than a must-see film. While there’s some gross sexual shenanigans – which is quite amusing, plus a brilliant turn from Paul Rhys as snooty butler Duncan, most of the time, the plot just meanders on, and the film could really be trimmed back.

So, despite its occasional flashes of brilliance, Saltburn feels more like an overlong perfume advert.

Saltburn is in cinemas now, and is available to pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD, with the release date TBA.

Saltburn – Official Trailer – MGM

Detailed specs:

Running time: 131 minutes
Release date: November 17th 2023
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 (Spherical)
Cinema: Odeon Trafford Centre
Rating: 6/10

Director: Emerald Fennell
Producers: Emerald Fennell, Josey McNamara, Margot Robbie
Screenplay: Emerald Fennell
Music: Anthony Willis

Oliver Quick: Barry Keoghan
Felix Catton: Jacob Elordi
Farleigh Start: Archie Madekwe
Sir James Catton: Richard E Grant
Elspeth Catton: Rosamund Pike
Poor Dear Pamela: Carey Mulligan
Venetia Catton: Alison Oliver
Annabel: Sadie Soverall
Harry: Richie Cotterell
India: Millie Kent
Jake: Will Gibson
Camilla: Tasha Lim
Alicia: Aleah Aberdeen
Benjy: Matthew Carver
Michael Gavey: Ewan Mitchell
Professor Ware: Reece Shearsmith
Reg Starter: Gabriel Bisset-Smith
Sam: Saga Spjuth-Sall
Taxi Driver: Glyn Grimstead
Duncan: Paul Rhys
Liam: Joshua E Samuels
Joshua: Julian Lloyd Patten
Paula Quick: Dorothy Atkinson
Jeff Quick: Shaun Dooley