Screw Series 2 – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 – Nina Sosanya

Screw Series 2 Screw Series 2… should’ve been called Screw 2, for more impact, but anyway.

Following the first series, warden Leigh Henry (Nina SosanyaBrian And Charles) now has a proper abode, of sorts… at least it’s a step-up from sleeping in a spare prison cell.

Rose Gill (Jamie-Lee O’DonnellDoing Money) is back after six weeks leave in one go (who gets that in the average workplace?). Okay, so it’s because she witnessed their murdered colleague, Toby.

Of course, as it’s the opener nothing, in particular happens… For about a minute, as even before the first ad break, someone is ‘arson’ about.

They’re hiring prisoners to run the PID – aka Prisoner Information Desk – to stop them asking the staff all the time, although it’s referred to as the ‘PID desk’, even though I could instantly spot the problem with that. Can you?

There’s a new temporary governer, plus new violent prisoners including Tyler Reeks (Leo GregoryTop Dog), Rose is still getting hassle from Costa, which spilled out into the outside world, last time. Gary (Stephen WightAndor) is still sarcastic to prisoners, when surely he’d get on better in his day job if he *wasn’t* a dick? Meanwhile, Gary and Don manage to one-up each other on who can link in the most song titles into the average every-day situation.

And, last but not least, prisoner Google (James FosterGreat Expectations) reckons an undercover cop has been put on the wing, while timid newbie Patrick Morgan (Lee InglebyThe Hunt For Raoul Moat) is on remand, and wishing he wasn’t there.

So far, I’ve only watched the first episode of the new series, and I think I’ll watch them as they’re broadcast. It’s certainly as entertaining as before, even if it is rather daft.

UPDATE Episode 2:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Screw Series 2 begins on Channel 4 tomorrow night at at 9pm (and weekly on both Weds and Thurs), and the entire series is already on All 4.

The series is not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Screw Series 2 – Official Trailer – Channel 4

Creator: Rob Williams
Writers: Roanne Bardsley, Karla Crome, Rob Williams
Music: Vince Pope

Leigh Henry: Nina Sosanya
Rose Gill: Jamie-Lee O’Donnell
Ali Shah: Faraz Ayub
Gary Campbell: Stephen Wight
Jackie Stokes: Laura Checkley
Don Carpenter: Ron Donachie
Google: James Foster
Patrick Morgan: Lee Ingleby
Tyler Reeks: Leo Gregory
Louis Costa: Ben Tavassoli
Kam Tavernier: Nathan Vaughan Harris
Chobbler: Michael John Treanor
Wade Hemmings: David Judge
Caplan: Chicho Tche
Daniel Wicks: Firas Ibrahim
Governor Mayhew: Barnaby Kay
Larry: Nicholas Lumley
DI Shannon: Jennifer Hennessey
Zahid: Louis Bisson