Sexy Beasts – The DVDfever Review – Netflix dating show

Sexy Beasts Sexy Beasts is a dating show with similarities to The Masked Singer, thankfully without anyone warbling badly or Z-list celebs, but with regular people in prosthetics instead of being able to see their face. It’s basically, the complete opposite of Naked Attraction.

The six-part series begins with Emma the Demon (so-called, because she’s called Emma, and dressed like a Demon), who states she goes for bad boys. What about animals? Oh, that sounds wrong…

For some reason, one of her potential beaus is a man with a surname as his first name, Bennett.

Still, at least the UK is represented with Adam from Birmingham, who states he goes for looks first, personality second, “Which is probably why I’m sat here, dressed as a mouse”, before discussing with Emma the topic of ‘banter’, a term which befuddles this tall American model (we’re given that description of her, but she’s only seen as a Demon)

Over the course of a brisk 24 minutes – and a series of dates involving drinks, saunas and rollercoasters – the picker will whittle three potential mates down to two, and then to just one. As for who picks who, you’ll only find that out by watching the programme.

Well, unless you can set me up on a date with Jennifer Aniston or Cori Yarckin. Then, I’ll spill the beans.

With a slightly sarcastic voiceover from Rob Delaney, Sexy Beasts is daft, but fun, and I forsee this being a huge hit which expands to other networks.

Oh, and I also watched the episode for Nina The Dolphin, but only after checking out her visage later in the episode, first. So, if you’ve ever wanted to sleep with the fishes, perhaps apply for season 2?

Sexy Beasts is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Netflix from Wednesday July 21st.

Sexy Beasts – Official Trailer – Netflix