Shyama Perera – accidental sexism on BBC News Paper Review (BBC News, 15.11.14)

shyama-pereraShyama Perera is one of the BBC paper review commentators, and dropped a bit of a clanger tonight, but she is one of the better commentators in this slot, so they must keep her.

Earlier this evening, Channel 4 had a programme about 1970s TV and how it was normal to see men being sexist towards women. These days, the roles have been reversed and you see women being sexist towards men all the time, not least with the Diet Coke adverts in recent times.

Tonight, Shyama Perera let slip that she wanted to take fellow commentator Clarke Carlisle “outside” and playfully grabbed him. Oops! 😉

Like I said, though, she’s one of the better people in this slot, so she must stay!

Check out the video below: