Sir Clive Sinclair – ZX Spectrum creator – dies aged 81

Sir Clive Sinclair Sir Clive Sinclair, creator of the ZX Spectrum home computer in 1982 – amongst others before and after, has sadly passed away aged 81 after a long illness.

The ZX Spectrum was, I think, my third computer (after a Tandy TRS80 Model III, and then a BBC Model B which I used simultaneously with the Spectrum), which I didn’t have until around 1984, but after previously only owning the Atari 2600 console, the Speccy was quite a step up in terms of graphics and sound. I came to the machine via bizarre means, since at the time, my grandfather worked for Century Hutchinson Publishing, and was given a Spectrum with a view to connecting to the office like a Prestel-style device – where you could get information over the phone line. However, this idea was scrapped and since he had no use for it, ahd the company weren’t recalling them, he gave it to me.

Before the Spectrum came the black and white computers ZX80, in 1980, and ZX81 the following year, before the Spectrum in 1982. The plan was always to make something affordable for the home. The later QL machine was aimed at businesses but didn’t quite take off, and neither did the C5, but hey, at least Sir Clive Sinclair was trying new things that others weren’t, so it’s always worth trying.

Strangely, his pocket TV device – the TV80 – also didn’t take off. You’d have thought people would go nuts for that, but maybe a small screen in black and white was what didn’t sell people on it? Still cool, though.

I played many amazing games on the Spectrum back in the day, along with many new ones being created today. Check out some gameplay below including this year’s fantastic release from Zosya, Travel Through Time Vol.1 and an early favourite, Underwurlde, plus a couple of interviews.

Oh, and don’t forget that withough the ZX Spectrum, we wouldn’t have the ZX Spectrum Next! I’ll include my video about that after I received mine.

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair…

Check out the videos below:

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