Syndrome – sci-fi survival horror – Steam October 6th

Syndrome Syndrome is a new first-person sci-fi survival horror adventure game coming to Steam, which takes place inside a drifting spaceship. The title isn’t due out until October 6th, but has already been nominated for two of this year’s awards, making it a highly-anticipated Steam title released this autumn.

The story unfolds as you awake from cryosleep and realise that all your crew members are gone and that the ship is full of bloodthirsty monstrosities reacting to every sound around them. Having limited ammunition you will have to put your stealth skills in use evading the creatures and exploring surroundings to uncover what had happened to the spaceship and if there’s any hope of surviving this living nightmare.

Check out the 13-minute gameplay video below, you can find the game on Steam here, and click on tne top-right image for the full-size version: