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The Predator on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

The Predator is a film which I was led to believe followed on directly from the 1987 original with Arnie, and it doesn’t. Some time has passed since then, so I can only assume we’re in the present day. About that first movie, and I’m in a minority as I much prefer Predator 2, released […]

The Predator – The DVDfever Cinema Review

The Predator: Given how this movie ended, it seems that they certainly have ideas about taking this franchise further. So we can probably expect more movies like this one. And when I say more movies like this one, I mean much like some of its predecessors, a perfectly good concept that is – unlike most […]

Chronicle – The DVDfever cinema review

Chronicle begins with no opening credits, and simply with Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan, below-right) setting up his video camera which he’ll take with him everywhere. It’s not 100% clear *why* he’s doing this, other than at the start when he begins the practice because of his abusive father, Richard (Michael Kelly). However, after some scene […]

Waterworld on DVD – The DVDfever Review

Waterworld is the name given to the Earth several centuries after the polar ice caps have melted and many lives lost, as major cities now lie underwater. Many try to search for the mythical Dryland, in order to populate the planet once again, but none have succeeded. A secret lies in a tattoo marked in […]

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