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Warcraft: The Beginning – The DVDfever Cinema Review

Warcraft: The Beginning was that unsure of itself that it didn’t even have “The Beginning” tacked onto the onscreen title. I was also unsure… of what was going on. Never have I spent an entire 2hrs+ of a movie without the slightest idea of what’s going on (well, other than Fellini’s Satyricon). Perhaps that’s why […]

The Perfect Match – Official Trailer #1 – Donald Faison, Paula Patton

The Perfect Match wins the award for least perfect film of 2016 so far, with a syrupy sweet story about a player who’s about to find true love. Awww… shucks. Charlie (Terrence J – Pardon? “J”? Yes, that’s his name. Well, actually, it’s Jenkins, but in professional terms, it’s just “J”) is a playboy who’s […]

Warcraft – Official Trailer #1 – Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper

Warcraft is another videogame-to-movie transformation, but this one’s going to be one of the biggest around as it’s for the game World of Warcraft. How it ties in with the game, I have no idea, as role-playing games are not my cup of team. However, I know people who can play this until even after […]

2 Guns on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

2 Guns opens with a few scenes that introduce us to self-assured and selfish small-time thieves, Bobby (Denzel Washington) and Stig (Mark Wahlberg), or so it seems, wisecracking their way through life without a care while doing the age-old movie thing of having an inconsequential argument during a job which results in a restaurant exploding […]

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol – The DVDfever Review

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: The ‘Ghost Protocol’ part of the title makes it sound super-cool and exciting, but in reality, it’s just a coded way of saying that the entire Impossible Mission Force (IMF) have been disavowed before they’ve even started proper, and this has come about because of what happens early on. As the […]

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