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Loaded Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review

Loaded is a new sitcom/drama (it’s not just a sitcom because it lasts longer than 30 mins) which centres on four friends – Josh (Jim Howick – Broadchurch, Stag), Leon (Samuel Anderson – Danny Pink in Doctor Who), Ewan (Jonny Sweet – Him & Her) and Watto (Nick Helm – Uncle) – who’ve each made […]

Last Christmas – Doctor Who: Christmas Episode 2014 – The DVDfever Review

Last Christmas begins with perennial annoyance Nick Frost as Santa Claus/Father Christmas (his character is referred to as both, even though the credits only call him the former), when he’s spotted by Clara (Jenna Coleman). After a rather tedious exchange, The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) turns up and whisks her into the TARDIS, the Doctor then […]

Death In Heaven – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 12 – The DVDfever Review

Death In Heaven starts with Clara outsmarting a Cyberman, by trying some psychology that only a human could be perplexed by, and somehow this confuses the metal muppet, and then we’re all confused when she says she’s not Clara, but she’s The Doctor! Oh, come on! But just as Missy thinks she’s got the world […]

Dark Water – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 11 – The DVDfever Review

Dark Water was prefaced with the irony of one of the BBC’s continuity announcers, from Red Bee Media, stating that everyone should shut up(!) It also filled me with dread when the director was revealed as Rachel Talalay, director of the worst of the Freddy Krueger films, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. Anyhoo, then the […]

Flatline – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 9 – The DVDfever Review

Flatline finds the Doctor and Clara having to step out of a TARDIS which has made the blue box about 50% of its original size. With Clara wanting to get back to her classroom, and them both stuck in Bristol for no apparent reason, thus 120 miles from where they need to be, the Doctor […]

Mummy on the Orient Express – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 8 – The DVDfever Review

Mummy on the Orient Express puts us on a recreation of said train – except slightly bigger, where the rails are hyperspace ribbons, and it’s in space – and Clara immediately says “It’s a good one to end on”. So, is this her last ever episode? Frank Skinner plays Perkins, an initially mysterious Chief Engineer […]

Kill The Moon – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 7 plus screenshots – The DVDfever Review

Kill The Moon finds Clara and the annoying Courtney Woods, from last week’s dreadful The Caretaker, stuck on the moon, with The Doctor having long gone. Oh, and the year is 2049. Oh course, that’s a flash-forward, and then we go back to the present day where The Doctor, after telling Courtney she’s “not special” […]

The Caretaker – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 6 – The DVDfever Review

The Caretaker starts with the Doctor and Clara being held prisoner on an alien planet, and they can’t break themselves free because Clara doesn’t have the vibro-cutters. Where are they? “In my other jacket”, Clara confesses. The Doctor replies, “Two jackets? Why, is your other jacket faulty?” Yes, Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor is given a few […]

The Caretaker: Official TV Trailer and new videos – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 6 – BBC One

The Caretaker is the 6th episode in Doctor Who Series 8, and this time round, when terrifying events threaten Coal Hill School, The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) decides to go undercover as caretaker John Smith, and now online is the trailer plus two videos: An introduction to the Caretaker, and “The Doctor goes undercover”. The Skovox […]

Time Heist – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 5 – The DVDfever Review – and great Keeley Hawes pics!

Time Heist finds the TARDIS’ phone ringing. Very few people have his number, and “nothing can happen just by answering the phone”, but he does so, and something does happen, and both he and Clara are transported to a room with an augmented human called Psi (Green Wing‘s Jonathan Bailey), and a mutant human called […]

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