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McCabe and Mrs Miller: The Premium Collection on Blu-ray & DVD combo – The DVDfever Review

McCabe and Mrs Miller is one of those ‘drifter comes into town and makes big impression’ stories, a Hollywood staple over the years, and especially so in the ’70s for Westerns, particularly when they have a back-story for being a right dodgy so-and-so, since this man, John McCabe (Warren Beatty), shot a man called Bill […]

The Shining – the twins…. today

The Shining is an all-time classic horror movie, and one of my favourite Stanley Kubrick films. It has such a simple premise with Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, a writer looking for somewhere quiet to write his latest novel. Except he ends up going crazy ape-shit. Jack’s joined by Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers […]

Time Bandits: Special Edition on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Time Bandits is one of my all-time favourite films. I grew up with it and it captured my imagination. I love anything to do with time travel and this was combined with the fact that it allowed a young boy (Craig Warnock as Kevin) to escape his dull life and seek adventure throughout all time […]

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