Tempting Fortune – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 gameshow – Paddy McGuinness

Tempting Fortune Tempting Fortune follows Rise And Fall, by being the second new gameshow on Channel 4 within the space of a week, and they don’t get too many of these, generally.

There are 12 strangers meeting in South Africa, with no creature comforts, up against the unforgiving elements and in an 18-day trek in order to win a share of £300,000. Will they make it?

Either way, along the way, they can earn treats and luxuries… like a hot shower! But, if you go for these, they cost a ton, and that’ll be extricated from the prize pot, so even if one person gives into temptation, it affects all of them. It’s a test of mental and physical strength, and if anyone drops out, that’s another £25,000 gone.

Initially, they walk through a bizarre ‘entrance’ with a turnstile, even though they could just walk round it(!)

However, each day, they have to trek to reach a checkpoint, and must carry everything they need, including 30 litres of water.

Like any reality show, the contestants have a strange area in which to film their thoughts, which is a chair, sat in front of a lamp and bookcase… but on the beach?!

Beyond that, even just walking up a steep hill sees some of them coming across as absolute wet blankets, and I’ll only mention their first temptation – which is a shortcut to their destination – but it’ll cost £3,000 each for those who take it. However, as to whether they do or not, you’ll have to watch it to discover.

And when they get to food temptations, consider the fact that generally, they are only given 1000 calories a day, which I can tell will be a challenge for some of them!

As for the contestants, they range in age, such as retired trauma nurse Carolynne, 65; graphic designer Lani, 33; Ex-pro basketball player James, 50; events singer Ashton, 28, and… wait for it, Trewley-Precious, 22, an ‘influencer’ – ugh, imagine what will happen to this entitled carbon-based lifeform when reality bites…

In fact, quite a few are entitled(!)

Although, I watched the whole of Tempting Fortune episode 1, after 15 minutes, I’d had enough. It’s the same thing over and over – hiking, treat temptation, hiking, treat temptation, etc. From the ‘next time’ clip, I can’t see any further episodes being any different.

Tempting Fortune continues on Channel 4 next Sunday at 9pm, and after each episode, they will be on All 4. It’s unlikely to be released on Blu-ray or DVD.