Tesco – ‘Muslim’ Christmas advert – Xmas tree or Xmas twee?

Tesco have come under fire for their 2017 Christmas advert, with the slogan ‘Every Which Way’, because a group of knuckle-dragging morons are moaning about how it features a Muslim family (for all of a few seconds) and how “they don’t celebrate Christmas” when some Muslims will do regardless of what those viewers think, and what difference is it to these complaining boneheads, anyway?

What I’m more concerned about is the fact this is yet ANOTHER advert featuring a godawful twee cover version of a song – which is something like a sickness that’s proliferating the advertising industry at present.

After John Lewis‘ Elbow cover of The Beatles’ Golden Slumbers, and other ads featuring godawfully-twee covers of tracks like Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You and Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody, the casualty this time is Shakin’ Stevens‘ ’80s hit, Merry Christmas Everyone.

So, to the aforementioned knuckle-draggers, I said – never mind the Muslims, instead, round up every last one of those advertising executives who think twee songs is the way to go, and avoid a company based on that.

That said, if almost EVERY company is doing that, you’re going to struggle to eat.

What I’d rally against instead, are those puke-inducing “Tesco love stories” ads. You’ll have seen them as they’ve been running all year, with posters around town and in-store. Each one makes me want to scream out loud. The only plus is that advertising campaigns tend to change annually, so hopefully when 2018, those will be gone… I hope.

Check out the advert below: