The Grand Tour – disastrous interview on The One Show

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour airs on Amazon Prime this Friday, and then in weekly episodes, and tonight, James May and Richard Hammond returned to the BBC to promote it, but there’s obviously a conflict after their tenure at Top Gear came to an end, even though that was at the hands (and fists) of Jeremy Clarkson, referred to in this interview as “He who shan’t be named”.

Whether referring to May and Hammond as “middle-aged” or that they were rolling in money, they were both getting increasingly annoyed, to the point where it looked like it was going to turn into ‘Bee Gees walking out of Clive Anderson’s show’ in the early 1990s, had The One Show not broken off every now and again for monotonous segments, and then abandoning the studio altogether for whatever Matt Baker was doing in the last 10 minutes.

As for The Grand Tour, I was looking forward to reviewing this.

Bizarrely, there were no previews of episode 1 of the Top Gear reboot. And it was very poor indeed.

There are no previews of The Grand Tour available. Draw your own conclusions.

Check out tonight’s The One Show on BBC iPlayer, which will be available until December 15th, and also click on the top image for the full-size version.

The Grand Tour begins this Friday on Amazon Prime.