The Last Movie Star – The DVDfever Review – Burt Reynolds

The Last Movie Star
The Last Movie Star shows that it’s long time since Burt Reynolds has graced the silver screen.

In fact, the last time I can remember him being in a major, critically-acclaimed film was 1997’s Boogie Nights. He’s worked fairly consistently along the years, but his hey-day from the ’70s into the early ’80s are long behind him.

Here, Reynolds plays Vic Edwards, an actor whose best days are way long behind him… so, you can see where this is going, and it speaks volumes that this self-referential movie isn’t out on Blu-ray, and can’t even get a DVD release – it’s available as a digital download only. That’s a shame as he certainly doesn’t deserve that… but does the film?

To add insult to injury, his dog is about to be put down, hence the double meaning from the film’s alternative title, Dog Years, but things are about to take a step up as he’s been invited to a film awards ceremony in his honour… as long as he dumbs down his expectations.

Burt Reynolds with a cameo from Chevy Chase, who has also seen better days in his career.

He takes in his old haunts, reminisces his glory days in a way I wasn’t expecting, and forever gets driven around by the ridiculously over-tattooed Lil (Ariel Winter), and what we’re left with is an old man depressed about the way his life has turned out, and only has glory days left to talk about.

His interaction with Lil is the age-old tale of two people from different backgrounds being completely at odds with each other, but you know they’ll find common ground in the end. There’s nothing we’ve not seen before, and there’s just the charm of the pair to pull it through.

Overall, I can see why he wanted to make this, but if it’s as much based on reality as I’m presuming, then it feels more like a vanity project than a final tangible movie.

The Last Movie Star is available to buy on Amazon Video.

Burt Reynolds as himself… I mean, Vic Edwards.

Detailed specs:

Running time: 102 minutes
Studio: Second Sight
Year: 2018
Format: 2.35:1
Released: August 20th 2018
Rating: 4/10

Director: Adam Rifkin
Producers: Brian Cavallaro, Neil Mandt, Adam Rifkin and Gordon Whitener
Screenplay: Adam Rifkin
Music: Austin Wintory

Vic Edwards: Burt Reynolds
Lil McDougal: Ariel Winter
Doug McDougal: Clark Duke
Shane McAvoy: Ellar Coltrane
Stuart Muckler: Al Jaleel Knox
Faith Cole: Nikki Blonsky
Vic Edwards Fan: Molly Whitener
Sonny: Chevy Chase
Bjorn: Juston Street
Mrs. Jones: Saundra Dunson-Franks
Vic’s Mom: Rose Bianco