The Mezzotint: A Ghost Story for Christmas – The DVDfever Review – Rory Kinnear

The Mezzotint The Mezzotint: A Ghost Story for Christmas is set almost 100 years ago in 1922, and begins with museum creator Edward Williams (Rory KinnearRidley Road) playing golf before chancing across a rather odd piece of artwork – aka, a Mezzotint – for the mere sum of two bounds and two shillings.

When his friend, Binks, looks at it, Edward has said there’s no-one in the picture, yet Binks states that the moonlight shows that there is someone… “Moonlight?” queries Edward. And he didn’t spot anyone, either.

As it transpires, the image keeps changing every time someone looks at it. But how? And why? sPOOKeY!

Since he can’t figure out what’s going on he asks several friends to look it over and give their opinion, including Robert Bathurst.

We do get an answer – along with a load of hammy acting – but even though it’s just 30 minutes long, it feels like it takes forever to get there.

Overall, The Mezzotint is worth a look, but don’t expect anything brilliant.

The Mezzotint: A Ghost Story for Christmas is broadcast on Christmas Eve on BBC2 at 10.30pm. After broadcast, it will be on the BBC iPlayer.

The Mezzotint: A Ghost Story for Christmas – Official Trailer – BBC

Director: Mark Gatiss
Producer: Isibeal Ballance
Writer: Mark Gatiss
Composer: Blair Mowat

Edward Williams: Rory Kinnear
Garwood: Robert Bathurst
Mrs Ambrigail: Frances Barber
Binks: John Hopkins
Mrs Filcher: Emma Cunniffe
Nisbet: Nikesh Patel
Gawdy: Tommaso Di Vincenzo