The Peanuts Movie – Official Trailer #1

the-peanuts-movieThe Peanuts Movie was previously known as simply Peanuts, but the studio clearly thought we wouldn’t understand if we were sat in a cinema, wondering if the ‘Peanuts’ we were watching was a movie or a figment of someone else’s imagination.

Anyhoo, it’s based on the timeless comic strip created by Charles Schulz, and for the first time ever, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang we know and love will be making their big-screen debut like they’ve never been seen before in a CGI-animated feature film in 3D.

This third trailer is also well worth a watch and continues to shows that Peanuts never dates.

Voices include Noah Schnapp as Charlie Brown, Francesca Capaldi as the Little Red-Haired Girl and archive voice of Bill Melendez as Snoopy & Woodstock.

Don’t hold your breath before the release, though, as Peanuts hits the big screen in the UK on December 21st. And we’ve got Star Wars Episode VII to come, first! But if you’re in the US, then you’ll get it much sooner, on November 6th! I expect our release date will be brought forward a bit.

Check out the new trailer for The Peanuts Movie below and click on the poster for the full-size image: