The Phenom – Official Trailer #1 – Ethan Hawke

The Phenom The Phenom stars Johnny Simmons as Hopper Gibson, a man who can throws a baseball at one hundred miles per hour.

However, then, this Major League rookie pitcher loses control over his pitching and is sent down to the minor leagues, where he begins sessions with unorthodox sports psychologist Dr. Mobley (Paul Giamatti). In the process, hidden conflicts with his overbearing father are brought to light.

Directed by Noah Buschel, who also wrote the script, the film also stars Ethan Hawke, Paul Adelstein, Marin Ireland and the brilliantly-named Elizabeth Marvel.

Giamatti rarely puts a foot wrong, and this film certainly looks worth a watch, even though I don’t care for baseball (despite once being ‘man of the match’ when I played a game of… er… rounders, at school about 30 years ago), but as of yet there’s no release date for this anywhere.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image.