The Stand Up Sketch Show Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review – ITV2 Comedy

The Stand Up Sketch Show
The Stand Up Sketch Show looked like a box-ticking exercise from the trailer – he’s got a beard, she’s got a silly name (London?)

But how will it work in reality?

Well, as we see a series of comedians take the stage in a pretend comedy club which is actually a TV studio, but rather than just show the comedians, they have to be unnecessarily acted out like a sketch…

When you go to a comedy club, comedians are meant to draw you in with, as Frank Carson used to alight to, the way they tell ’em. However, acting them out doesn’t add anything and actually distracts. I get that they want to try something new, but I’m amazed this got through the planning stage.

As for the jokes, they either comprised of the first guy shouting like an overactive teenager, a woman who was shouting like an overactive teenager, and the male black comedian who is assumed to be a drug dealer.

Number of times I laughed? Well, the only one worth watching is Brennan Reece, who IS funny, and was the last comedian on the show. You’ll see why when you watch it, but he certainly hit home when it came to tattoos, since you may think they look good now, but when you’re a pensioner, they’ll sag like no tomorrow.

The trailer, below, promised us London Hughes, Joel Dommett and Russell Kane. I’m so grateful that none of them turned up.

The Stand Up Sketch Show continues next Monday on ITV2 at 10pm (for a total of six weeks), and is on the ITV Hub. It’s unlikely to ever be released on Blu-ray or DVD.

The Stand Up Sketch Show – ITV2 Trailer

Score: 1/10

Adam Hess
Catherine Bohart
Seann Walsh
Dane Baptiste
Suzi Ruffell
Alex Edelman
Brennan Reece