The Week Of – Trailer 1 – Adam Sandler

The Week Of
The Week Of is a wedding to which I’m glad I’m not invited, as it tells the story of a devoted, middle class father, played by the usally irritating Adam Sandler, determined to pay for his daughter’s wedding despite the prodding of the wealthier father of the groom, played by another of life’s irritants, Chris Rock.

A series of calamities forces the fathers – and their families – to come together and endure the longest week of their lives.

It really does sound like everything we’ve seen before, so if you’ve had enough of Sandler, then instead of comedies, I do recommend you check out Punch-Drunk Love, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, Phantom Thread, Inherent Vice)

Director Robert Smigel co-wrote the movie with Sandler, and it also stars Rachel Dratch, Roland Buck III, Allison Strong, Scott Cohen, Melanie Nicholls-King, Patricia Belcher and… the usually reliable Steve Buscemi, but I don’t think even he can save this.

There’s more info on the official Netflix page, and The Week Of is available to view from April 27th.

Check out the trailer below: