Then You Run – The DVDfever Review – Sky Max – Leah McNamara, Richard Coyle

Then You Run Then You Run is a long-awaited drama Sky drama, in that it’s taken a long time to come to air, since it was first announced back around the start of 2023.

We begin in 2005, and a deep winter with a traffic jam where every car is completely snowed in. In fact, it looks like the entire place is suggesting from nuclear fallout, and with cars in very uniform rows, rather than skewed all over the place, as they normally are when it builds up like that, as shown on news reports.

Note that I will discuss some of what happens in the opener, but without giving spoilers, as such. I just have to set the scene.

Enter ‘The Traveller’ (Christian RubeckDoctor Who: It Takes You Away), a man who seems to have a bizarre job which I can’t describe here, but it would seemingly involve superhuman strength, and I think he’d struggle to shift his car past all the cars that can no longer move(!)

Fast-forward to now, where illegal marijuana plants are being grown, but it’s all gone wrong, and they stand to lose a fortune, estimated around almost 500,000 Euros. Plus, they’ve got a dead body on their hands.

And then more time-jumping, as we go back to one month earlier, at a funeral for the mother of Tara (Leah McNamaraDanny Boy). Between her and her friends – Ruth (Yasmin Monet PrinceUnsaid Stories), Nessi (Isidora Fairhurst) and Stink (Vivian OparahClass) – life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, especially for Tara, since her Dad now has a new, younger wife.

A sizeable portion of the first episode is just the girls hanging out, doing drugs, albeit with a twist I didn’t care about. The second one continues jumping around in time, including revisiting The Traveller, and events just get stupidly nasty (I would say why, but you’ll find out as the first episode begins).

So, after not caring what happens to the girls in the opener, the rest of them in this nonsense can also take a long walk off a short pier.

Thanks to our friends at Sky for the screener prior to broadcast.

Then You Run begins on Friday July 7th on Sky Max. It’s not yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

Then You Run – Official Trailer – Sky

Tara O’Rourke: Leah McNamara
Ruth: Yasmin Monet Prince
Nessi: Isidora Fairhurst
Stink: Vivian Oparah
Reagan O’Rourke: Richard Coyle
Davey: Aron Hegarty
Leo: Carl Shaaban
Turi: Francis Magee
Darian O’Rourke: Darren Cahill
Orin O’Rourke: Cillian O’Sullivan
Kenny Swinney: Rory Alexander
Saskia: Lea Marlen Woitack
Maggie: Lise Risom Olsen
Jakob: Konstantin Lindhorst
Marten: Anton Nurnberg
Mirko: Lazar Dragojevic
The Traveller: Christian Rubeck
Young girl: Ruby Mellahn