Truth Or Dare leads the new cinema releases and trailers April 13th 2018

Truth Or Dare This week, there are FOUR new films out for you to choose from: Final Destination-type horror in Truth Or Dare, British comedy in You, Me and Him, Sam Worthington in a space-based tale for The Titan, and Dwayne Johnson entertains super-sized apes in Rampage.

Truth Or Dare looks like another Final Destination-style movie, but I like this kind of thing.

The film centres around eight college friends who head to a “Haunted Rental” for Halloween. Truth Or Dare is the kind of game that kids play at school, so college seems a bit old, and the cast look in their early 20s, anyway. However, when they replay the game that made the house infamous, they awaken an evil spirit intent on stealing their souls… other words, they all die. Maybe. Well, some of them will – you know how this sort of movie works.

When they want to stop playing the game, which has increasingly challenging tasks, they realised… the game plays you!

This film does look fun and I really want to see it.

Director: Nick Simon
Writers: Thommy Hutson, Ethan Lawrence
Stars: Cassandra Scerbo, Brytni Sarpy, Mason Dye, Harvey Guillen, Alexxis Lemire, Luke Baines, Heather Langenkamp

Hit or Miss? Verdict: Hit!

You, Me and Him centres around lesbian couple Olivia and Alex (Lucy Punch and Faye Marsay) who, despite their age difference, are very much in love. But as the question of pregnancy rears its head and their neighbour John (David Tennant) befriends them, they both start making some truly disastrous decisions.

So it has a fantastic cast and I found the trailer a lot funnier than I expected so I definitely want to see this. I expect it’ll be on Blu-ray rather than in the cinema, given the competition on the big screen at the moment.

Writer/Director: Daisy Aitkens
Also stars: David Warner, Sarah Parish, Sally Phillips, Nina Sosanya, Gemma Jones, Simon Bird, Peter Davison, Don Warrington, Christian Brassington, Ingrid Oliver, Sandra Dickinson

Hit or Miss? Verdict: Hit!

The Titan centres around hotshot Air Force pilot, Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington), who’s chosen for a military experiment which will create a human being capable of surviving the harsh environments of Saturn’s moon, Titan. The experiment is successful, turning Rick into a super-human, but it also creates deadly side-effects which threatens the life of Rick, his wife and family, and possibly humanity itself… Oh, the humanity!

This does look pretty decent, even if Sam Worthington is usually a bit wooden, so I’m looking forward to it.

Director: Lennart Ruff
Writers: Max Hurwitz (screenplay), Arash Amel (story)
Also stars: Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson, Agyness Deyn, Nathalie Emmanuel, Corey Johnson, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Aaron Heffernan and Wonder‘s Noah Jupe

Hit or Miss? Verdict: Hit!

Rampage is based on the classic 1980s video game featuring apes and monsters destroying cities, and reunited San Andreas‘ director and star, Brad Peyton and Dwayne Johnson. Now, I did enjoy San Andreas, as I love a great disaster movie, but this one looks more of a disaster.

Primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson) shares an unshakable bond with George (Jason Liles – motion-capture, presumably, as he doesn’t look that talla on IMDB!), the extraordinarily intelligent gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry transforms this gentle ape into a raging monster. As these newly created monsters tear across North America, destroying everything in their path, Okoye teams with a discredited genetic engineer (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to secure an antidote, fighting his way through an ever-changing battlefield, not only to halt a global catastrophe but to save the fearsome creature that was once his friend.

Watching this trailer, I really can’t see the point. I know The Rock is hot news these days, but can’t he make a decent film instead?

The only thing which makes me think ‘maybe’ is that San Andreas was quite fun at times.

Also stars: Joe Manganiello, Malin Akerman, Marley Shelton, Naomie Harris, Jack Quaid, Jake Lacy, Breanne Hill

Hit or Miss? Verdict: Maybe!