Utopos on PC / Steam – Let’s Play – 2021 Indie Game

Utopos Utopos is a new game created by Jani Penttinen who previously brought us Guntech on the Atari VCS, also known as URG (Utopos Rocketship Game) on PC/Steam.

This is quite a cool shooter, but as you’ll see, initially, since it does require more than one person, I did have trouble finding someone else to play against. While he was online at the same time, Jani joined the game, so he could come and kick my butt into next week 😉

Steam description: Utopos is a multiplayer online spaceship arena fighting game. Gameplay is from a top-down angle, and the game runs in beautiful detailed 3D graphics.

Check out the gameplay video below and you can check it out on Steam:

Utopos – Let’s Play – PC / Steam