Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown (& does Black Lives Matter) – The DVDfever Review

Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown
Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown is a three-parter of ten-minute short segments that’ll piggy back over repeats of other episodes when broadcast.

I never *got* the original series when it aired, but this was mercifully shorter, as we begin with Geraldine (Dawn French, The Trouble With Maggie Cole) in April 2020 putting her brief sermons online on a regular basis, initially suffering broadcasting issues when the internet buffers.

At one point, she does a zoom call to kids in a school – all of whom overact badly, there’s a spoof of The Sound Of Music, Hugo (James Fleet) carries out a sermon one time when Geraldine is not available, and apparently, (offscreen) Jim got confused between metres and miles when told to stay 2m apart from someone else. Hilarious(!)

Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown – Children In Need 2020 Teaser – BBC

Oh, and at one point Geraldine refers to “the murder of George Floyd”. I think you’ll find the court case has not yet taken place, so it’s only alleged at this point. To compound the situation, she puts up a “Black Lives Matter” poster and then takes the knee. Oh, do give it a rest with this woke bullshit. You can see a picture which is taken from a certain online rag on Sunday December 6th, which has caused Twitter to explode.

At least they make reference to the death of Emma Chambers, stating that it’s Alice who’s died, in this case.

Overall: Not even a mythical deity can save you from the boredom of the longest 30 minutes in your life, if you spend them watching this crap.

Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown begins on Monday December 7th at 8.50pm and continues weekly. The series is not available to pre-order, but you can buy The Vicar of Dibley: The Immaculate Collection on DVD now. It contains Series 1-3, the 1996 Easter Special: The Easter Bunny, and the 1996 and 1997 Christmas Specials, The Christmas Lunch Incident & Engagement.

After broadcast, each episode will be on the BBC iPlayer.

Geraldine takes the knee for Black Lives Matter for Vicar Of Dibley in Lockdown

Director: Barbara Wiltshire
Producer: Jon Plowman
Writers: Richard Curtis, Paul Mayhew-Archer

Geraldine Granger: Dawn French
Hugo Horton: James Fleet