Wanderlust Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review – Toni Collette

Wanderlust made me think it was going to go the way of David Cronenberg’s Crash, at first, as Joy (Toni Colette) was shown being involved in a car crash when someone whacked into her bike and sent her flying.

Between her and husband Alan (Steven Mackintosh), sex is in the doldrums for them ever since, and they can’t get any peace for some hanky panky even when they try, since they get interrupted from their children. The irony is that she’s a sex therapist, yet she can’t get any with hubby.

Kudos to the BBC for getting Toni Collette for this, as she’s kinda a big deal, but this first episode was even more boring than doing the washing up, the only real highlight being hearing a snatch (F’nar! F’nar!) of Regulate by Warren G and Nate Dogg (although I prefer the version which also included Michael McDonald).

Everyone seems to want to toss off at work, rather than… ooh, I don’t know… give a toss and DO some work. Elsewhere, there were various characters popping up (oo-er, missus!) in various disconnected scenes, and I didn’t really care for most of it.

I’m not sure if any scenes with any sense of erotica are meant to be as dull as ditchwater, but if that’s the case, then they’ve managed it spot-on, especially since you can tell who’s going to get off with who as everyone strays.

Wanderlust? Wandering attention, morelike.

Wanderlust was not available for preview. Watching it, I can see why.

Wanderlust continues next Tuesday on BBC1 at 9pm. The series is available to pre-order on DVD, ahead if its released on October 15th, and you can watch each episode on BBC iPlayer for 30 days after transmission.

Wanderlust – Series Trailer – BBC One

Episode 1 Score: 1/10

Director: Luke Snellin
Producer: Kate Crowther
Writer: Nick Payne

Joy Richards: Toni Collette
Alan Richards: Steven Mackintosh
Claire Pascal: Zawe Ashton
Marvin Walters: William Ash
Jennifer Ashman: Anya Chalotra
Michelle McCullen: Isis Hainsworth
Rita Bellows: Anastasia Hille
Tom Richards: Joe Hurst
James Marcham: Andy Nyman
Jason Hales: Royce Pierreson
Neil Bellows: Jeremy Swift
Elaine Marcham: Robin Weaver
Emily RIley: Kate O’Flynn
Mimi Brookes: Megan Richards
Sam Morton: Jordan Adene
Dr Simon Stevens: Ben Dilloway
Adam Cooper: George Taylor
Rob: Jason Eddy
Masked Intruder: Kim McGarrity