Wild Blue Yonder – Doctor Who 60th Anniversary – The DVDfever Review – David Tennant

Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder follows on from The Star Beast, which was the shittest ever episode of Doctor Who. Can this one get any worse?

Still, thanks to Russell T Davies for the breaking news that Isaac Newton is black. Did he read the ‘Big Book of Facts’ written by Ridley Scott for Napoleon?

Can’t wait until next week, when Nelson Mandela is white! The American Left would weep buckets over that. Give them some free Pampers before they piss themselves! Then again, it wouldn’t fit RTD’s agenda, so it won’t happen.

Because reasons, the TARDIS needs to mend itself, but then disappears. But how come Donna was worried about getting back home in time, yet it’s a TIME MACHINE, so they have all the time in the world, surely?

This time, they end up on a seemingly uninhabited spaceship with lots of money spend on SFX, but little on plot. We’re told they’re at the edge of creation, where nothing has yet happened… which even includes in the scripting, because absolutely nothing was happening in that for a long period of time.

Cue a chase scene with a giant pair of dopplegangers (That’s what SHE said!), one of which saw the Doctor copying Regan’s spider-crawl scene in The Exorcist Director’s Cut, because RTD doesn’t do originality.

Plus, when they came across a spacesuit drifting off into space, that’s just Frank from 2001: A Space Odyssey!

At least Wild Blue Yonder wasn’t irritating like last week’s show, but plot-wise, this is a filler episode, and shouldn’t be part of a three-part ‘special’.

And was it just me, or was everyone hoping that…

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And another spoiler…

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Doctor Who continues next week with The Giggle. You can watch Wild Blue Yonder on the BBC iPlayer.

You can pre-order The Season 14 Specials Steelbook on Blu-ray, ahead of its release on December 18th.

There’s are also available in regular Blu-ray and DVD, on the same date.

Doctor who 60th Anniversary – Wild Blue Yonder- Official Trailer – BBC1

Director: Tom Kingsley
Producer: Vicki Delow
Writer: Russell T Davies
Music: Murray Gold

The Doctor: David Tennant
Donna Noble: Catherine Tate
Isaac Newton: Nathaniel Curtis
Mrs Merridew: Susan Twist
The Doctor acting double: Daniel Tuite
The Doctor beast double: Daniel Ophir Raray
The Doctor contortionist double: Tommaso Di Vincenzo
Donna acting double: Helen Cripps

And one more…

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