Wild Horses – Official Trailer #1 – Josh Hartnett, James Franco

Wild Horses is a film written for the screen, directed by and starring Robert Duvall, his first directed film since 2002’s Assassination Tango. Remember that one? No, neither does anyone else.

This film is about a detective who opens up a 15-year-old missing persons case and begins to suspect that the boy it belongs to was murdered – and that a local rancher was involved.

Also starring James Franco and Josh Hartnett as Texan brothers at loggerheads, I have to say the trailer showed this film to be deeply tedious, and I’ll be giving it a wide berth.

Wild Horses doesn’t yet have a UK release date. Or anywhere else for that matter. Please keep it that way.

Check out the trailer below and click on the image for the full-size version: