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Wilderness is a new six-part drama starring Jenna Coleman (The Serpent), which begins with her opening narration, as a young woman called Liv. She tell us that she’s never felt like she’s been herself, and is always pretending to be someone else, until the day she meets Will (Oliver Jackson-CohenThe Lost Daughter), and everything’s fine… or is it?

Well, if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll know that he’s been leading her a merry dance, due to playing away from home.

But then the story goes back to 9 months earlier, everything in the garden is lovely, and they’re moving in together into a flat, but as we come round to Christmas, Liv starts sneaking around, checking Will’s phone, looking at his texts, and finding rather lurid detail from colleague wth an indeterminate name. Since he’s just claiming it’s a one-off, already, I was thinking: Ooh, get rid, love!

This drama then follows the usual standards of spurned wife rewatching her wedding on video, burning all the nasty man’s stuff, him later trying to woo her back, which leads to the car ride we see at the start…

The second episode is called “The Other Woman“, and features… another woman – Cara (Ashley BensonElvis And Nixon). Is this the one he’s been having his wicked way with?

So far, I’ve seen the first two episodes, and they seem to take forever to get to the point. The first one does leave you with a moment which makes you want to tune in for a second helping, but the second… less so.

Liv’s also shown sniffing around for clues, and trying to get answers as to what’s going on with this man, but is that really necessary? She knows he’s a bastard, so why is she wasting time playing along? For shits and giggles?? Bah, just move on!!!

And although Liv is meant to be Welsh, Ms Coleman’s put-on accent largely disappears. She may as well have left it. She’s lovely as she is, and damn, she’s got the cutest little nose ever.

Thanks to our friends at Prime Video for the screener prior to broadcast.

Wilderness is on Prime Video from Friday September 15th. All episodes are available on day one.

Trailer posted September 4th 01:00
Updated with spoiler-free review of episodes 1 and 2: September 14th 20:00.

Wilderness – Official Trailer – Amazon Prime Video

Running time: 50 minutes per episode (6 episodes)
Release date: September 15th 2023
Studio: Prime Video
Format: 2.00:1

Director: So Yong Kim
Producer: Ron McLeod
Creator: Marnie Dickens
Screenplay: Marnie Dickens, Matilda Feyisayo Ibini, Elizabeth Kilgarriff
Novel: BE Jones
Music: Morgan Kibby

Liv Taylor: Jenna Coleman
Will Taylor: Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Cara: Ashley Benson
Caryl: Claire Rushbrook
Bonnie: Talia Balsam
Ash: Morgana Van Peebles
Marissa: Natalie Sharp
Garth: Eric Balfour
Zach: Geoff Gustafson
Det. Rawlins: Marsha Stephanie Blake
Det. Wiseman: Jonathan Keltz
Anton: Jake Foy
Elliot: Steve Bacic
Sol: Everick Golding
5yo old Liv: Scarlett Tupper
Liv’s Dad: Nicholas Thorp
Young Caryl: Kessia Warren