Fading Gigolo on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review



Fading Gigolo stars John Tuturro as Fioravante, a man not exactly living the dream in his job, but he has a talent for flower arranging. Unfortunately, he’s only getting two days work a week due to the recession. Similiarly, Murray’s (Woody Allen) bookshop is closing. They’ve been best friends all of Fioravante’s life, “ever since you tried to rob it as a child”, and he tells him about the fact his dermatologist said she and her girlfriend want a menage-a-trois, and he trots out in a matter-of-fact style how he said he knows someone who can help, and suggests our leading man for $1000. Fioravante asks if he’s on drugs, to which Murray replies that apart from his depression medication, no.

Movie Charts – UK & US – w/e September 28th 2014

September 28th 2014This week’s Movie Chart for the UK w/e September 28th 2014 is as follows:

    1. Billy Elliot: The Musical – Live
    2. The Equalizer
    3. The Boxtrolls
    4. What We Did On Our Holiday
    5. A Walk Among The Tombstones
    6. Pride (review)
    7. Lucy
    8. Guardians of the Galaxy (review)
    9. The Riot Club
    10. Sex Tape

Plus other new entries:

Daily Brunch – a Brunch too far?

Daily Brunch
Daily Brunch is, as the name would suggest, the spin-off to Sunday Brunch, the 3hr+ show which airs on a Sunday, conveniently, is presented by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, and runs from 9.30am to some time the following year. Or maybe it just feels like that.

No, I do enjoy it, but 3 hours is enough for anyone.

Daily Brunch will runs for 60 minutes, and the pair will feature alongside more guests and have more recipies (as if Simon hasn’t trotted out his Bootleg Burgers enough already), and it’s sponsored by Ocado, a shop I’ve never been to and have no intention of doing so, but that confirms who’s providing the funding for it.

Tak3n | Taken 3 – Official Trailer #1 HD | Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen

tak3nTak3n, aka Taken 3, is the third and (hopefully) final film in the series featuring Brian Mills (Liam Neeson), ex CIA-type chap, whose daughter was kidnapped (i.e. ‘taken’) in the first film, then No.2 saw him and his wife ‘taken’, and now, in ‘Tak3n‘, THE DOG IS TAKEN!!!!

No, seriously, that hasn’t happened. But there’s a tragedy and he goes on the run, and the cops are trying to stop him, but he wants to finish it all once and for all.

However, while the first film was so-so, the second one was terrible. And while the first film was a censored 15-cert in the cinema, and an uncut 18-cert on DVD and Blu-ray, the second film was respectively a 12- and 15-cert. What next? U-certificate?

Tak3n is directed by Olivier Megaton (Taken 2, Transporter 3), it’s co-written by Luc Besson (who should know better) and also stars Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Forest Whitaker, Sam Spruell, Dougray Scott, Leland Orser and someone who’s actual name is Johnny 5.

Also, to show how bad it is, the film is released on January 8th 2015, and all the terrible films are released in January and February, because they’re no good for summer releases.

The tagline says “It ends here”. I wish I could share their optimism…

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full size image.

BBC North West Tonight vs Batman – mash-up (30.9.14)

BBC North West TonightBBC North West Tonight – What the hell are the cameramen & women smoking there, such that everyone has to be filmed at a stupid angle, or the picture zooms in and out like the camera operator is suffering from the shakes?

It’s bad enough when BBC Click does it, but now it’s spread to local news!

The report is about the impending closure of Blackpool Airport and was broadcast on BBC North West Tonight, by Peter Marshall.

Check out the video below:

UK Top 100 Music chart summary & my views w/e October 4th 2014

mu041014Going straight in at No.1, in the UK Top 100 Music Chart w/e October 4th 2014, is Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj with Bang Bang. Make it stop. Please, make it stop…

As such, Sigma featuring Paloma Faith drops to No.2 with Changing, and it’s her first No.1 single, but it’s a shame she’s had to sacrifice anything worth listening to, to some form of bland dance music.

There are no other Top 10 new entries this week.

You can hear the Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj track here:

The New York City Independent Filmmaker Conference 2014 – The DVDfever Review, by Helen M Jerome


The New York City Independent Filmmaker Conference 2014The New York City Independent Filmmaker Conference 2014 was where Helen M Jerome spent a slice of mid-September, and here, she gives her thoughts on the films and the event.

And click each on the posters for the full-size image.

In a sweltering September up at the Lincoln Center, the IFP aka Independent Filmmaker Project, staged a top-notch conference that attracted the movers and the shakers, the would-be screenwriters, the pitchers, the commissioners, the funders and plenty in between. Ideas were flowing freely, optimism and opinions buzzed around the severely air-conditioned room. This was positive, and positively fun.

Events were grouped by theme and genre, with Sunday looking at NEW NARRATIVES, and after kicking off with a panel advising how to get your film picked for a festival, the really focused schedule started.

The Walking Dead Season 4 and 300 Rise of An Empire plus more new Blu-ray & DVDs out September 29th 2014


The Walking Dead Season 4

In the aftermath of the war with the Governor, we see Rick and the group of survivors fostering a thriving community in the safe haven of the prison. Sadly, in this brutal world, happiness is short-lived and walkers are no match for a greater dangers brewing inside the fences.

The group’s home and new way of life will be thoroughly tested, and they will find themselves prepared to do whatever it takes to survive. Contains all 16 episodes from Season 4, plus over an hour of audio commentaries, deleted scenes and featurettes.

And check out the packaging for the Limited Edition, above!

Plastic on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review



Plastic is where Hustle meets Hollyoaks.

Sam (Ed Speleers), Fordy (We’re The MillersWill Poulter), Yatesey (Game of ThronesAlfie Allen) and Rafa (Sebastian De Souza) are scamming customers whether setting them up with a hooker, or conning them via chip & pin machines, cue the title’s reference to cloned credit cards.

Before too long, they fall in a bad crowd with a big boss Marcel (Stalingrad 3D‘s Thomas Kretschmann, who also appeared in the 1994 film of the same name, albeit without any 3D element), who hires Polish heavies (“First my cleaners, now even my heavies are Polish. Half the price, twice the nuisance.”), and they end up owing £2m in order to get him off their back. They’ll need all the ‘plastic’ they can muster, so need the assistance of Frankie (Emma Rigby), as she works in a call centre for a credit card company.

The Caretaker – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 6 – The DVDfever Review



The Caretaker starts with the Doctor and Clara being held prisoner on an alien planet, and they can’t break themselves free because Clara doesn’t have the vibro-cutters.

Where are they? “In my other jacket”, Clara confesses. The Doctor replies, “Two jackets? Why, is your other jacket faulty?”

Yes, Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor is given a few good one-liners in the show, but as we soon learn, this is just one of many pre-proper-story trips they go on before we get stuck into the meat of what’s going on.


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