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Sheba, Baby stars Pam Grier as Sheba Shayne, Baby, whose father, Andy (Rudy Challenger), Baby, runs a loan company, and he’s being hassled out of the business by bad guys. Someone needs to shake them down. Perhaps a new girl in town, Baby, or one who used to live round there but has returned, Baby.

(That ‘Baby’ talk is probably getting annoying so I’ll stop)

With Pam Grier often looking hotter than the sun, as Sheba, she’s a private eye, going around town kicking bottom until she gets to the bottom of who’s trying to wreck her father’s business and endanger his life. Will she succeed?

Dark Souls III – Opening cinematic – To The Kingdom of Lothric

dark souls iii

Dark Souls III is coming soon and the opening cinematic, To The Kingdom of Lothric, has been revealed.

In venturing North, the Pilgrims discover the truth of the Old Words… Discover in exclusivity the opening cinematic of Dark Souls III! Yhorm the Giant, Aldrich Saint of the Deep, Farron’s Undead Legion and more await you in Lothric. Are you ready to fight them all?

COMPETITION: Win The Program on DVD

the program and Studiocanal have teamed up to give you a chance to win a copy of The Program on DVD, which stars Ben Foster and Chris O’Dowd.

First Prize is 1 DVD, 1 Quad poster and 1 book – Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh (portrayed by Chris O’Dowd)

3 Runner up prizes: Quad poster

It’s a sports drama about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal which was the subject of David Walsh’s book ‘Seven Deadly Sins‘. Irish sports journalist David Walsh (O’Dowd) grows suspicious of professional cyclist Lance Armstrong (Foster)’s success, certain that he has been taking performance-enhancing drugs. As Walsh investigates, looking for evidence to prove his theory, Armstrong continues to deny his consumption of banned substances. The cast also includes Lee Pace, Dustin Hoffman and Guillaume Canet.

Check out the trailer below:

Far Cry Primal – Live action extended TV trailer

far cry primal

Far Cry Primal is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC from February 23rd 2016 and this new trailer is also showing on TV, but in a truncated form, whereas the full version is below.

You take the role of Takkar the hunter (voiced by Elias Toufexis), moving about the land of Oros and it’s set in 10,000 BC, during the Stone Age, a time where humans began to use stones to create tools for their daily life, where survival is a daily challenge as tribes come into conflict with one another and nature.

You’re stranded in this valley that was once covered in ice, with no weapons or resources after your hunting party was ambushed. Your aim is to rise to power and lead your own tribe.

New Blu-ray and DVD releases February 8th 2016

New Blu-ray and DVD releases February 8th 2016 New Blu-ray and DVD releases February 8th 2016 are as follows:

    After the Ball (DVD)
    Army Dog (DVD)
    Benny Hill: The Best of Benny Hill (DVD)
    Between Two Worlds (DVD)
    Bolshoi Babylon (DVD)
    Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Children of the Corn (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Children of the Corn Trilogy (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Cyberbully (2015) (DVD)
    Doc (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Dr Finlay’s Casebook: The Complete Collection (DVD)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – PS4 Story Trailer

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was another highlight of E3 2015 and follows on from the glorious first-person parkour actioner, Mirror’s Edge, released in November 2008, which was a huge amount of fun when I played it originally on the Xbox 360, and since I later moved on to my PS3, I bought it on there as well.

This new game will actually be a prequel, looking into Faith Connors’ past, and will use the newer Frostbite 3 engine.

Hitman: World of Assassination – PS4 Trailer

World of Assassination

Hitman is, as the title suggests, a new Hitman game!

It’s bound to be better than the recent movie reboot starring Homeland‘s Rupert Friend (right), and is set in a world of assassination (as per this new trailer), which is said to be more of an open-world event than ever before as in the contracts mode, some baddies are only available once while others will come around again, but for those where you only get – literally – one shot, they’re gone forever if you miss out.

You’ll travel to exotic locations around the world and take out high profile targets as Agent 47 returns in the biggest game in the series ever created.

Let’s just hope they don’t screw the game up as they did with Hitman Absolution, when it would sometimes finish levels off for you.

All that said, I think “World of Assassination” would’ve suited this as a subtitle to the brand, rather than just ‘Hitman’ again, making it sound like 2014’s Thief reboot, which could make it confused with the original.

IO interactive are putting this out first as a digital release prior to physical copy, in a landscape which will evolve as time goes on. There’s also a console-exclusive Beta for PS4 when you pre-order the game, and 6 unique contracts as DLC which are also exclusive to PS4.

And once again, David Bateson will be the voice of Agent 47, as he confirmed on Twitter:

Check out the trailer below and click on the above image of the full-size version:

Stealing Cars – Official Trailer #1 – Emory Cohen, William H Macy

stealing cars Stealing Cars is all about… a young lad who steals cars, namely Billy Wyatt, played by Emory Cohen, leaving his parents, Philip (William H Macy) and Kimberley (Felicity Huffman), less than impressed as their rebellious teenager goes through the juvenile court system.

Written by Will Aldis and Steve Mackall, and directed by Bradley Kaplan, this also stars John Leguizamo (John Wick), Heather Lind (Demolition) and Mike Epps (Term Life).

Stealing Cars looks like a great drama but with cheese music, and it trundles out of the USA garage on April 5th, but has still to get off the starting blocks in the UK as there is no release date yet.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image.

UK Top 100 Music chart summary w/e February 11th 2016

February 11th 2016 Zayn Malik (remember him?) goes straight in at No.1, in the UK Top 100 Music chart summary w/e February 11th 2016, with Pillowtalk. God, it’s tedious. Why are those sheep buying this junk?

As such, Shawn Mendes drops from No.1 to No.3 with Stitches, and it ended the reign of terror from Justin Bieber… even though it sounds very similar to him.

There are no other new entries in the Top 10.

And yet another week, another sad music-related death. This time for Maurice White from Earth Wing And Fire. He was 74, and this is one my favourites – September.

Green Room – Official Red Band Trailer #1 – Patrick Stewart

green room Green Room centres around a rock band who stray into a secluded part of the Pacific Northwest, and stumble on to a horrific act of violence. Since they are the only witnesses, they become the targets of a terrifying gang of white power skinheads who want to make sure all the evidence is eliminated.

This film comes from writer/director Jeremy Saulnier, whose Blue Ruin was one of my favourite movies of 2014 and quite an exceptional piece of work, with a cast including Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Anton Yelchin, Mark Webber and the one and only Patrick Stewart, so there are many reasons to watch this film.

Green Room is released in the UK on May 13th, whereas the US get it two weeks before.

Check out the trailer below and click on the new poster for the full-size image:


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