Darwin Project – Free on Steam NOW!

Darwin Project
Darwin Project is free to play on Steam, from right now, so grab your bow, nock some arrows, and get downloading!

After adding tons of new content to Darwin Project since its Early Access launch, including Duo Mode, skill-based matchmaking, limited-time events, optimization, and gameplay improvements, Scavengers Studio is today making Darwin Project free to play on Steam.

Home From Home Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review – Johnny Vegas

Home From Home
Home From Home started life as one of BBC2’s rather poor pilots, with Johnny Vegas in the lead role as Neil Hackett, father of a family who up sticks and move to the Lake District (so, very reminiscent of Jack Dee’s Bad Move when he and his missus move to he country).

This first episode was just that original pilot reheated on BBC1, and with two years between then and now, from memory, the only thing that’s changed – other than the sprudced-up titles – is the inside of the Hackett’s home.

Wildling leads the new cinema releases and trailers April 20th 2018

Wildling This week, there are SEVEN new films out for you to choose from: horror strikes for Liv Tyler in Wildling, Shirley Henderson portrays a mother who struggles with advanced Parkinson’s disease in Never Steady, Never Still, there’s supernatural romance in Every Day, Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland go on an RV adventure in The Leisure Seeker, Juliette Binoche attempts to find love in Let the Sunshine In, Maxine Peake tries stand-up comedy in Funny Cow, and what looks like the worst film of the year with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Wildling centres around Anna (Bel Powley Detour), a teenager who spends her entire childhood under the care of a mysterious man she only knows as Daddy. He keeps her locked in an attic making her fear the Wildling, a child-eating monster that roams the outside.

True Horror: Hellfire Farm – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4

True Horror True Horror is a new four-part series of dramatised documentaries, starting with Hellfire Farm, which centres around artist Bill Rich (Adam Leese, above) and his wife, Liz (Amy Morgan), who together with their children, inhabit a haunted farm, presumably not moving in intentionally, i.e. selecting a haunted one, as that would be completely hatstand.

The billing states they experience “a nightmarish crucible of demonic activity”, but – and presented in 2.35:1 for the intended cinematic style – it’s mostly jump scare after jump scare, even if some are quite entertaining.

Art of Atari and more retro gaming books!

Art of Atari Art of Atari is one of five esssential retro gaming books for your collection, all of which are available from Funstock.co.uk

In the past 6 months, Funstock have added a number of exciting new titles to their collection of retro gaming books: stunning visual compendiums celebrate video game art at its finest, while anthologies and guides lift the lid on how our favourite consoles came to be.

So whether it’s the secrets of the PlayStation’s development, a collection of Atari’s greatest video game art or a visual guide to the NES – there’s something to satisfy every retro gamer.

Avengers: Infinity War – IMAX Behind The Frame featurette

Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Infinity War will be presented in the largest digital IMAX ratio possible, 1.90:1, on IMAX screens because those involved tell us, in this new A Screen Fit For This Many Superheroes featurette, that this is the best way to watch the film. If this is the case, then why didn’t they make it 1.90:1 for all auditoriums like Justice League did? (well, that was 1.85:1 generally, but 1.90:1 in IMAX, but a slight difference)

Opening up to 1.90:1 for the entire movie isn’t a new thing, as a lot of recent films, including Blade Runner 2049, have done this so that a decent print can still be shown on TV in years to come, if a broadcaster doesn’t want to show them in 2.35:1. That said, rarely are they actually shot with IMAX cameras, and this film has reportedly had the entire movie shot in IMAX.

Rampage – Does It Suck? – The DVDfever Cinema Review


Rampage is one of those films I was intially in two minds about seeing. I was caught in the middle of “Well, if I see it, I may as well do so on the big screen as it’ll look better” and “It’s just junk with Dwayne Johnson taking over from Arnie in the role of – as Barry Norman called him – ‘the human special effect'”

It didn’t help at this point that it was another movie based on a videogame and the only ones I can think of that entertained me, in that respect, were the Resident Evil series.

The Split – Trailer 1 – BBC drama

The Split
The Split is a new 6-part drama, written by Abi Morgan (Shame, River) and stars Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Fiona Button, Deborah Findlay, Annabel Scholey, Anthony Head, Barry Atsma, Meera Syal and Stephen Tompkinson.

The drama is an authentic, multi-layered exploration of modern marriage and the legacy of divorce seen through the lens of the Defoes – a family of female lawyers at the heart of London’s emotionally-charged divorce circuit.

May 2018 bank holidays – when are they in the UK?

May 2018 bank holidays
May 2018 bank holidays, like every May, sees two of them happen – one early on, and one towards the end, but why?

The first is down to May Day, which is always May the 1st, but the May Day bank holiday – aka the Spring bank holiday – always takes places on the first Monday on or after this, and has done since 1978.

Hotel Artemis – Trailer 1 – Jodie Foster

Hotel Artemis
Hotel Artemis is a place run by Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster, in her first movie role since 2013’s Elysium, which I’ve still to catch up on), aka The Nurse.

It’s an ultra-exclusive, members-only hospital hidden in a hotel redolent of faded ’20s glamour. Tough, sharp and utterly fearless, The Nurse (Foster, above, with Jeff Goldblum and Zachary Quinto) treats an assortment of assassins, gunrunners, thieves and gangsters in an unexpected state-of-the-art emergency room capable of providing a new liver with a 3D printer or injecting a patient with nanobots which heal from the inside out.


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